Free Market Online Casinos

By Ben Hamill - March 01 2016

Just Be Yourself

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) introduced its self-regulated online casino in 2012. Whilst we always encourage online gamers to find the casino that is most to their liking, we wish to point out a few advantages to gaming at an independently-regulated online casino.

Tens or Hundreds of Games

The Ontario online casino is called PlayOLG. It offers about 85 games, mostly slots but also a small selection of table games, video poker, and parlour games. In contrast, independently-regulated casinos, what we call free market casinos, have many hundreds of games. For example, All Slots Online Casino has more than 600 games in four large categories of games. Where PlayOLG has about 65 online slots, All Slots has hundreds. And All Slots is far from the only free market online casino with a huge selection of games.

The largest free market online casinos have 40 or more variations of blackjack. Many online gamers love the variety they can have in blackjack especially, the most cerebral of online casino games. PlayOLG has two blackjack games! We're sure that this number will increase in the future, perhaps someday to rival the number of blackjack games already offered by so many free market casinos!

The top free market online casinos also have 40 or more versions of video poker. Gamers love video poker for several reasons: there's no bluffing, players need only reach a set minimum hand to win, and the payouts in free market video poker are usually about 98-99%! PlayOLG has two versions of video poker.

Free market online casinos have a large selection of parlour games, what PlayOLG calls leisure games. These include bingo, scratch cards, and other fun games with birthday party themes. Whilst free market casinos have several dozen such games PlayOLG has three. The free market casinos have their finger on the pulse of the public's wishes all the time. So, when the free market casinos discovered that online gamers love parlour games for short playing sessions as a break from the games the players like playing the most or as a pleasant and fun diversion from their busy lives, the casinos began adding more and more parlour games.

In the World of Online Gaming Old Means Experienced

All Slots has been around since 2000. Sixteen years may not seem like much but, in the highly competitive world of online casino gambling, sixteen years makes All Slots a granddad of casinos.

All Slots may be a granddad but old and crotchety it is not! All Slots introduces new games every month. Their games supplier is Microgaming, the best known developer of online casino games.


This is always the most sensitive area of online gaming. At most free market casinos, you can play their games in Free Mode and never make a single deposit. However, most online gamers prefer to have some money riding on each game's outcome. So, depositing and withdrawing money becomes an issue.

Most free market casinos have up to twenty different banking options. One aspect of free market gaming is that many if not most gamers wish to keep their gaming secret from their local or national government. Free market casinos make this desire actionable by allowing deposits through money orders and ewallets.

PlayOLG accepts credit or debit cards issued through Visa or Mastercard only. PlayOLG also allows banking through INTERAC. Unfortunately, not every bank accepts online gambling transactions to be made from cards they've issued.

Free market online casinos have so many banking options that every gamer can find one that is best for their needs.

Payout Percentages

We searched the PlayOLG homepage for information about average payout percentages and the latest results from an independent analysis of the proper functioning of their Random Number Generator (RNG).

Along with banking encryption, the fairness of all games is of primary concern to all online gamers. The RNG guarantees that the casino has no influence on the outcome of any game, once the average payout has been set. At most online casinos, the average payout is set at about 96%. The payout rate fluctuates a small amount every month based on the randomness of large wins.

At we found a pdf from 2009 that said that OLG gaming facilities set their RNG to pay out 85% of all money bet. This was the most recent information we could find for OLG casinos. Yet, it was from before PlayOLG came online so we don't know what the payout percentage for any of the online games is.

Free market online casinos regularly submit their casino to a thorough check by an independent agency. The best known is eCogra. Top free market online casinos show the results of the latest eCogra analysis of the casino. At the bottom of the homepage is an icon for eCogra. Click on it and you'll see a wealth of data generated by eCogra's evaluation of the casino. PlayOLG does not have such data available to players on their site.

Welcome Bonuses

Both PlayOLG and free market casinos offer excellent Welcome Bonuses. The only difference would be in the size of any casino's bonuses and the multiple of the play through requirement.

Mobile Casino

The top online casinos introduced their mobile subsidiary around 2008 or so. PlayOLG came online in 2012 so PlayOLG has not yet been able to add a mobile alternative to its PC casino. PlayOLG patrons may not feel that the lack of a mobile casino is a big disadvantage but the growing popularity of mobile gaming – and this includes your phone, as well as your tablet - especially with the great advances in mobile graphics and animation, indicate that free market casino gamers are very happy to have a mobile alternative.

Live Casino

Another gaming option that is often offered to free market gamers but has not yet arrived at PlayOLG is the Live Casino. Many gamers like to play in the Live Casino where they can usually choose between blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. In the Live Casinos, gamers can "talk" to the dealers and sometimes with other players.

PlayOLG Will Grow

We have no doubt that PlayOLG will grow in the future. It is still in its infancy as online casinos go but PlayOLG has a long way to go before it can be considered competition for the thousands of top free market casinos. We would never say don't play at PlayOLG. We say stay with your free market online casino for the many things it offers that the Provincial casino cannot yet offer.