Welcome To Fortnite – The New Social Order

By Ben Hamill - June 26 2019

Welcome To Fortnite – The New Social Order

The world and reality as we know it are changing in new and unexpected ways. Technology and connected video games have much to do with the tide, and Fortnite is without a doubt one of the forerunners. The game enjoys a worldwide following the size of which is difficult to even fathom, with children now officially spending more time playing Fortnite than what they are making use of social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.

As is the case with most popular pastimes, the aim is surprisingly simple: survive; stay alive longer than everyone else. More and more children are creating Fortnite profiles. The game is simple to download, and the basics are easy to learn. Becoming a serious player and a long-term and regular survivor admittedly requires commitment and time, but this is apparently not a problem to anyone playing.

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Everyone Is Doing It

Each Fortnite game lasts around 20 minutes and players can either compete as individuals or as part of a team. But in addition to the survivor-style gaming element, the real draw card appears to be one of a virtual world where players can simply go to virtually “exist”. And this, some contend, is where the problems begin.

Children tend to blur the lines between the real world and the world of Fortnite. This is true especially since the game is being played by just about everyone who has access to an Internet connection. Some parents complain that their children refuse to tear themselves away from the screen, becoming aggravated and angry when prompted to do so. As for the typical point of view from the player’s perspective, and especially young players, it’s about remaining connected to what everyone else is doing and not falling behind.

No Longer Just A Game

Whatever your perspective on social online games such as Fortnite, the fact that an entirely new market appears to be emerging cannot be denied. And its about to become even more of a worldwide movement if Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games (the developers of Fortnite) has anything to do with it.

Sweeney recently revealed some of the developer’s future plans and it’s all about creating even more everyday engagement with the digital world that is Fortnite. Sweeney said that Epic Games is constantly scouting for new ways in which to create even more interactive opportunities. The idea is to create more and more links to a digital world where users are able to express themselves and engage with their peers on an online platform. The message is clear: Fortnite is no longer just another video game; its about to develop into a fully-fledged alternative reality.

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