Aim Assist In The Works For Fortnite

By Ben Hamill - May 26 2020

Aim Assist In The Works For Fortnite

Fortnite’s console players will have to wait a little longer for aim assist justice after Epic Games announced that change is on the way but that the update will not be released before the FNCS Invitational, which is currently underway, has drawn to a close. Needless to say, players had hoped that a solution would have been in the bag a little earlier on and the hope had been that said solution might be included in at least the May 20th patch.

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Players aren’t at all happy with the current state of affairs. The issue is that though aim assist was originally intended to help console players, PC players soon cottoned onto the fact that the system could quite easily be abused by plugging a console controller into a computer’s USB port. This, discovered players, caused aim assist to get considerably stronger as the game’s frame rate was suddenly increased.

Aim assist in Fortnite caused players’ crosshair target aims to snap onto a targeted enemy even in the event that the player’s aim wasn’t 100% on the mark. The result was that the higher the frames per second got, the farther away from the target the crosshair could be and still benefit from a decent level of aim assist. Those players serious about gaming, who would typically give no thought to using anything other than a mouse and keyboard, were suddenly investing in horribly expensive monitors along with switching to controllers instead, so as to ensure that the highest frames were supported and the best possible aim assist is achieved via the USB-enabled controller.

Epic Did Try

In Epic’s defense, there was a spring update attempt to remedy the unfair advantage enjoyed by controller-opportunistic PC players. Instead of aim assist snapping directly to the target, it would “drag” the aim to the target. The problem is that this only seemed to intensify the original issue, instead of leveling the playing field.

But it’s not as if controller aim assist is anything new. Its existed in some shape or form for a time now, but only really became prominent in recent years. Whilst the concerns raised by console players are perfectly valid, it’s also true that PC players have always enjoyed a much easier experience aiming by making use of a mouse and keyboard – and especially so in shooter games. But kudos to Epic for having tried to level the playing field. It was obvious that something needed to be done and so it came to pass that aim assist entered into the picture.

To USB Or Not To USB

What aim assist basically does is to whenever a crosshair controlled by a console gets within a specified distance of a target, nudge the crosshair just enough to make contact with the target. This did level the field for a time and a half – until PC players rediscovered the wonders of USB, that is.

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