Stranger Things In Fortnite’s Island

By Ben Hamill - July 08 2019

Stranger Things In Fortnite’s Island

As with many other good things, it all started with an ice cream store. And if you’re wondering what ice cream and an ice cream store have to do with gaming, then its time to think bigger. Epic’s Fortnite and Netflix cult hit Stranger Things bigger. Thanks to fans of the popular show Scoops Ahoy on Netflix; fans who also happen to be Fortnite gamers; having had no issues at all spotting a special Easter egg appearance of the Scoops Ahoy ice cream store at Fortnite’s Mega Mall, more cross-over entertainment is now in the pipeline.

Fans recently noticed the appearance of Upside Down portals at the Fortnite Mega Mall and its all part of a special crossover promo in support of the launch of the 3rd season of Stranger Things on Netflix. But aside from the obvious perk of treating Fortnite’s own to special crossover treats for pure entertainment value, the inclusion of cross-brand content is about more than just killing two brand-punt flies with a single swipe.

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Goes Both Ways

The fact that a video game is now officially considered a direct commercial threat to content streaming platform Netflix is a whole new can of competition worms opened up. In fact, according to analyst firm SuperAnalytics, Fortnite now poses more of a threat to Netflix than do HBO and Hulu. And so it all happens to have led to a classic case of “joining them when you can’t beat them”.

With that having been said, it’s not only about holding on to customers and preventing a cross over of a different kind. The magic flows both ways. Epic Games is reaping major benefits in terms of additional revenue opportunities. In 2018 alone, the benefits of popular brand associations saw Epic pocket revenue to the tune of $2.4 billion.  What with Netflix having recently launched a world of entertainment in terms of top viewing entertainment aimed at keeping viewers glued to their screens all summer long, one can only image the sheer wealth of revenue opportunities that will now be possible.

Expect Stranger Things To Follow

Stranger Things is a Netflix Original, and given the many opportunities now knocking at the big brand doors, fans can expect more elements associated with the popular show to pop up all over The Island in the near future.

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