First eSports Law Firm Launches in Canada

By Ben Hamill - November 12 2018

First eSports Law Firm Launches in Canada

When it comes to eSports, careers can be made in just a few months. Almost anyone (although they are usually younger in age) with a PC and a high level of skill in video gaming can secure themselves a million-dollar contract and huge sponsorship deals before they even know what has hit them.

This is exactly where Josh Marcus and Evan Kubes specialize. The pair of lawyers launched MKM Group in October this year with the goal to help those who play professional video game tournaments to get an even footing in important sponsorship and signing negotiations.

The group is the first of its kind in Canada that is devoted specifically – and entirely – to the eSports industry. Before their arrival, Canadian players would have had to venture over the border to the US to find a firm specializing in the kinds of services that they need. However, to Marcus and Kubes, their pursuit is more than just a business opportunity; it’s also a way to fill in a noticeable gap in the local industry.

Helping Professional Gaming Grow

According to Kubes, players don’t always have a ‘full appreciation’ of their potential value. He noted that he and has partner saw that as a huge opportunity to aid the industry’s growth. On the one hand, he says, business is certainly a focus for MKM, but on the other one, he believes that the industry desperately needs his unique services.

As revealed by the new law firm, in Canada alone, the video gaming industry brings in a jaw-dropping $3.7 billion in annual revenues. The sport of competitive gaming is also growing at an incredible rate, and investors and organizations are all eager to get a foot into the multi-billion dollar industry while they can.

MKM Plans to Help Streamers, Too

MKM has also noted that they are there to help professional gamers in Canada sift through the copious legal jargon that normally accompanies an expensive contract. As Marcus says, the eSports industry is ‘accelerating at an unprecedented pace’, and those who enter it need to be aware of how it operates in order to make the best of their opportunities therein.

He’s right – the growth of eSports has been astounding. Just in 2018, Overwatch developer Blizzard revealed that in the sophomore season of the Overwatch League, two local teams from Toronto and Vancouver would be joining the mix. Over and above that, the world’s biggest eSports tournament was held in Vancouver this year, offering a prize pool of $25 million and an $11 million windfall for the winning team.

Streaming is also bringing in huge amounts of money for those who play for an audience, and currently, the game Fortnite is at the head of the pack. The world’s current biggest streamer, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, makes millions a month playing Fortnite for his fans, showing that even streamers have the potential to make huge bucks in the industry. That is where MKM comes in.