Fandom Sports Links Up With The CGA

By Ben Hamill - June 01 2021

Fandom Sports Links Up With The CGA

The Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) has announced its latest member addition. According to a recent press release, it has now been joined by eSports gaming provider Fandom Sports.

The CGA is a countrywide trade organisation representing the industry’s local operators and iGaming suppliers, with a significant number of gaming, sports betting, and Lottery providers making up its member corps.

Fandom Sports joins the association during what could very well emerge to be a crucial period for local gaming and sports betting providers. The Canadian gaming industry is currently preparing for an all-new era in local gaming and betting entertainment – this as Bill C-218 makes its way through the paces pending official passing of the legalisation of single-event sports betting in the country.

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CGA Welcoming Fandom Sports

According to Fandom Sports CEO and president David Vinokurov, the esports and entertainment provider is proud to be joining the ranks of the country’s gambling and sports betting leaders as the industry prepares itself for entering its next significant phase.

Vinokurov said he believed the benefits of the association to be limitless for both parties. Fandom Sports is in an exceptional position in terms of having a notable influence on the industry as a whole, with local gaming markets now set to benefit from the provider’s iGaming solutions, said the CEO.

Fandom Sports is a premium developer of mobile-driven applications for eSports solutions and offerings. The company is the creator of and driving force behind a cloud-based Unified Information Access platform providing multilingual support for a premium selection of eSports products and offerings.

The provider was officially welcomed to the ranks of the CGA by President Paul Burns, who added that the link-up comes at a crucial and significant time because of the progress that the reading of Bill C-218 has made before Senate.

The Time For Bill C-218 Is Now

Bill C-218 has now officially passed a second reading before Senate, and will next be tabled for an official report by the standing committee.

The legislation’s main aim will be to move local gamblers away from foreign sports betting and iGaming providers, and towards a regulated local iGaming space. It is also for this reason the Canadian Gaming Association has been pushing hard for the prioritisation of the tabled legislation.

The CGA has said that it believes the time for the passing of the bill to be now. The association has expressed its dire concern over the ongoing closure of the country’s brick-and-mortar casino industry, which it says is increasingly exposing local gamblers to offshore operators.

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