Apple’s Arbitrariness Yet Again Scrutinised

By Ben Hamill - October 30 2020

Apple’s Arbitrariness Yet Again Scrutinised

Technology giant and iPhone-maker Apple Inc.’s arbitrary rules of inclusion and exclusion are behind Facebook’s cloud games launch on Android, but not on iOS. Facebook’s failure to launch on Apple devices is the latest shot fired in Apple’s direction over its alleged attempts to monopolise the mobile gaming industry by enforcing its miss-fire policies on its industry rivals.

Facebook’s cloud games will allow web and Android users to try free-to-play games without having to leave the social media platform. Games are streamed directly from the social media giant’s data centers and can furthermore be instantly accessed and played – no prior downloading required. This of course makes the concept very similar to games and services offered by Microsoft and Google Stadia.

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The War Is Personal

The latest riff is of course part of a mud-slinging war of words dating all the way back to March 2018 and a comment made at the time by Apple CEO Tim Cook. The Apple big-boss during his commentary criticized Facebook for the way in which it handled the issue of user privacy on the back of the coming to light of the Cambridge Analytica data-privacy scandal.

Cook’s comment instantly ignited a war between the two companies – and it’s a criss-cross smear campaign that’s been carrying on uninterrupted ever since.

Even so, Facebook’s recent complaints over Apple’s App Store policies aren’t at all unfounded or even unreasonable. So much so, that Washington lawmakers have now been prompted to investigate Apple and several other big-tech companies from an anti-trust point of view.

Apple Does Whatever It Pleases

The controversy in as far as the iPhone-maker is concerned mainly revolves around the nature of the guidelines the company uses when determining which apps to reject and which to allow in terms of doing third-party business from its App Store.

Apple claims to prohibit mostly those apps seeking to distribute software as the key focus and any apps found to contain code creating a “store-like interface”. But according to Facebook’s Vice President of Special Gaming Initiatives, Jason Rubin, what the mobile giant is an actual fact trying to do is to steer users away from third-party applications and in the direction of its own apps instead. Consumers are as a result of Apple’s policies being negatively impacted and even “hampered”, said Rubin.

The iPhone-maker hasn’t exactly been offering helpful feedback in response to queries raised by Facebook, explained Rubin, with the only response ever to be had from them being, this falls under policy.

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