Epic Games Asks Court To Stop Apple Monopoly

By Ben Hamill - September 10 2020

Epic Games Asks Court To Stop Apple Monopoly

Apple may be locked and loaded and ready for a so-called retaliation, but that doesn’t mean Fortnite creators Epic Games are simply going to sit back and wait to hear the shrapnel drop. Not if a request recently brought before court is anything to go by, in any event.

Epic Games on Friday confirmed that it has now approached the United States District Court for the Northern District of California for an order that will force Apple Inc. to refrain from continuing its “retaliation” against the video games giant – this of course after Apple practically wiped out Epic’s account from its (Apple’s) App Store.

If successful, the preliminary intervention applied for by the Fortnite creator will see to it that Fortnite returns to the App Store and that Epic’s developer account is reinstated.

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Court Must Prevent “Harm”

In its submission brought before court, Epic argues that failing the successful granting by the court of said preliminary intervention or injunction, it (Epic Games) will likely suffer irreparable damages and harm. Epic Games in its application reportedly refers to the smartphone giant as an industry monopolist. And what’s more, that the iPhone maker maintains that monopoly by constantly overstepping the boundaries of anti-trust legislation. Apple specifically focuses on achieving this by prohibiting competitive entries, argues Epic Games.

Apple a little over a week ago booted Epic Games from its digital store after Epic supposedly breached the store’s in-app payment regulations by offering to its (Epic’s) players an alternative method of payment that effectively bypasses Apple’s App Store payment channels in their entirety. And while Epic explained the move as having come from a place of it wanting to extent to its players more affordable alternatives than those available via Apple’s digital store, the iPhone maker – perhaps not surprisingly – immediately interpreted this as an attempt by Epic to avoid paying to Apple the agreed-upon 30% commission.

Complying Would Mean Colluding

Epic Games in its application also pointed out how Apple has been going about the business of discouraging anyone from challenging its monopoly in the mobile apps market. What Apple is basically saying to its competitors is to follow its rules or die trying to challenge them, said Epic.

Complying with Apple’s request by agreeing to remove from Fortnite the “direct payment feature” would be equal to that of “colluding” with the smartphone giant to hold on to its current monopoly over in-app payments, said a clearly defiant Epic Games.

Or in the words of school-yard politicians, it’s on.

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