Epic Tries To Monetise Unreal Tech Demo Skin

By Ben Hamill - September 11 2021

Epic Tries To Monetise Unreal Tech Demo Skin

Epic has quickly become one of the biggest names in video games, having struck a seemingly infinite goldmine with Fortnite. But Epic has also become synonymous with attempting to digitally sell just about anything. In a recent move that is largely being laughed at by players, the company added a Windwalker Echo skin to the Fortnite store. The name probably doesn’t seem familiar because the character is, in fact, the completely unknown face that appeared in an Unreal Engine 5 technology demo.

For those unaware, the other massive money maker that Epic is known for is the Unreal series of video game engines. The software is used by developers to create games, has been running for decades, and is amongst the most popular toolsets in the industry. Unreal Engine 5 recently launched and was universally praised for offering groundbreaking potential. A demo that was used to showcase Unreal Engine 5, viewable by the public a few months ago, featured a generic character named Windwalker Echo.

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Trying Too Hard To Monetise

As it stands Fortnite is still a free to play game, allowing literally anyone with a console or PC to download it. This means, of course, that there are literally millions of players on a daily basis, none of which paid to be a part of the action. Epic makes money by selling various digital skins and other in-game accessories, all of which allow for extremely robust customisation of player characters.

For the most part these skins are based around recognisable fictional faces, as well as a few non-fictional faces. Either way the point is that they are faces that players actually care about, motivating them to shell out cash.

In the case of Windwalker Echo very few if any Fortnite enthusiasts were crying out for the skin.

Confused And Amused

Epic is a multi-billion dollar corporation. With vast streams of money coming both from Unreal Engine and Fortnite, the company executives can hardly be hurting for money. This makes it not only seem bizarre that a nameless character is being offered as an in-game purchase, but more so that 800 V-Bucks is the asking price. This equates to around $10.

Needless to say, players are both confused and amused, with the general consensus being that the mega-corporation is fine with selling just about anything, so as long as it keeps the torrential flows of revenue coming in.