Speed Runners Beat Elden Ring In An Hour

By Ben Hamill - March 16 2022

Speed Runners Beat Elden Ring In An HourAnyone playing Elden Ring right now will probably be noticing a few things. Firstly, that Elden Ring is an exceptionally difficult game, more unforgiving even than the Dark Souls series. The second noticeable thing is that it is extremely time consuming, with most players taking upwards of 60 hours to even come close to finishing. But speed runners sneer at such numbers, aiming to defy the odds and beat the game in under an hour.

Streamer LilAggy has already clocked an official time of 59 minutes and 38 seconds. It is the current world record, though likely won’t stand for very long. In fact, chances are someone will have planted a new world record in a few days.

But how exactly is it even remotely possible that someone could beat a game so challenging, and so time consuming, in less than an hour? Well, by cheesing it mostly.

Finding The Flaws

LilAggy explains that first and foremost, the record was not set by a no-death run. If not dying a single time was a requirement, chances are this record would not have been achievable. LilAggy’s tactics are based around dying at carefully chosen moments, which isn’t as devastating as it sounds. Instead, the deaths allow him to skip vast portions of the game by spawning to the right, carefully chosen locations.

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That isn’t the only cheesing method used. LilAggy also explains that one of the most difficult bosses in the game, the Godskin Noble, can be skipped entirely. If a specific gate is entered at maximum distance, the enemy fails to trigger, allowing an extremely difficult fight to be skipped entirely.

Yes, many could, and do, consider this to be a rather feeble way to beat the game. But when it comes to speed running anything that is officially in the game is apparently acceptable.

Useful Tactics Learned

Though, not everything is about cheesing it. LilAggy explains that sometimes it’s all just about understanding the game. He suggests starting with the Samurai class and equipping the Icerind Hatchet. According to him the weapon has a skill that doesn’t scale according to stats, but rather to the weapon’s level. This means that no damage is lost, regardless of how the character is upgraded.

So, those looking to take a shot at a speed run themselves now have some info to work with. The current speed running world champion adds that he isn’t done yet and believes that a time of less than 50 minutes is easily achievable. Though, most would probably like to play the excellent game and enjoy it, rather than simply pushing to beat it as fast as possible.