Elden Ring Impresses The Video Game World

By Ben Hamill - March 03 2022

Elden Ring Impresses The Video Game WorldFrom Software is known for creating some of the best video games in the world, so it isn’t surprising that the company’s latest release has been hotly anticipated. Elden Ring, announced in 2019, has now finally dropped. Somehow the release has managed to be not only one of the best games from the developer, but perhaps one of the best of all time.

Many thought that From Software couldn’t possibly live up to lofty expectations. But Elden Ring has managed to get almost perfect review scores across the board. Featuring incredible attention to detail, astonishingly intricate gameplay design, and an open world that can be explored for dozens of hours, video games don’t get much better than this.

Superior Gameplay Design

The Souls series, starting in 2011, has always been infamous for its difficulty. In a time when games were getting increasingly easier, Dark Souls 1 instead leaned into levels of frustrating difficulty. Or at least, the game was difficult for those that didn’t pay attention. The gameplay design is based around showing players how to progress, but never going so far as to ease up the challenge.

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Dark Souls 1 was met with unexpected success, allowing for several sequels that are now referred to as the Souls series. Each entry received near critical acclaim, sold multiple millions of copies, and grew a reputation of deep respect for the studio. When Elden Ring was announced it was touted as the ultimate Souls game, raising already sky-high expectations.

Surely, many thought, the game could not possibly meet those expectations, especially since the franchise is now becoming regarded with an almost mythical status.

True Masters Of Their Craft

But even with expectations so high, the release has managed to deliver in every regard. Elden Ring is similar to previous games in the franchise, but with the core gameplay built on in fascinating new ways. It seems as if From Software is a developer that is truly dedicated to making the best games they possibly can.

The core of Elden Ring is for the central character to become king a war-torn fantasy land. But how the journey progresses is entirely up to the player, with an almost staggering level of paths available. The open world can be uncovered as much as is desired, with exploration strongly encouraged. Players that put in the time will find secrets galore, including entire areas of the beautiful world that may otherwise be overlooked. Hence, those that put in the time are rewarded for their dedication.

How From Software will top this masterpiece isn’t known. But in an industry that is all about innovation, the studio somehow always manages to be the cutting edge.