E3 Online Event Cancelled Now Too

By Ben Hamill - April 09 2020

E3 Online Event Cancelled Now Too

It appears as if industries across the globe are set to adopt a whole new normal once the Coronavirus pandemic has run its course. Even before what used to be the annual gaming expo of the year was cancelled because of the current pandemic, E3 faced a precarious set of circumstances due to an apparent moving away from the usual way of doing things by some of the world’s biggest gaming forces. And it’s a situation now amplified considerably by the Coronavirus.

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Event organiser Entertainment Software Association (ESA) confirmed this week that not only will this year’s event not be taking place because of the pandemic, but the online alternative has now fallen through the carpet too. The ESA has tried its best to appear confident about the survival of the event but it’s becoming obvious that E3 is facing redundancy as a result of so many big-name publishers and developers now having their own online livestreams and launches and product reveals in the pipeline for the coming months.

From Force To Agent

The ESA has as a result of the mass online migration, been demoted to no more than a gaming promotions agent. The organisation has confirmed that it will be working with event exhibitors to promote and showcase announcements and reveals made by individual companies over the course of the next couple of months. The organisation remains confident that E3 will be back bigger and better than before next year, but many are doubtful that this will in fact be the case.

The event organiser has quite the hare to pull from the hat if it’s to regain the industry’s trust in the first place, with or without a global pandemic. Last year’s data breach, which saw copious amounts of personal details belonging to those who worked at the event leaked, caused a real rift between the ESA and just about everyone else. The truth is that promises of a thrilling and reimagined return next year may not at all cut the mustard in any event.

Been Some Time Coming

The fact that developers are no longer all that keen to be pooled along with everyone else at a single event isn’t likely to help either. Developers have realised the value of hosting their own big-reveals on their own branded platforms and at single-branded events. This has only added to the notion that E3 has become rather redundant as a big-industry marketing tool.

The only remaining thing to do now is to wait and see what 2021 holds for the future of E3 and big-name gaming development.

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