Digital E3 Confirmed For 2021

By Ben Hamill - April 08 2021

Digital E3 Confirmed For 2021

It’s official: E3, the biggest gaming conference in the world, is going online. Instead of welcoming the gaming community to its usual location in Los Angeles, the event will this year be hosted 100% digitally and free so as to allow everyone to attend.

E3 organiser Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has not yet revealed any details about the exact format the digital version of the event can be expected to assume – only that paywall features and VIP packages won’t form part of the virtual version of the gaming get-together of the year.

Big-name developers that have already confirmed that participation in the digital affair include Xbox, Nintendo, Konami, and Ubisoft. Sony, Electronic Arts (EA), and Activision have not added their names to the 2021 list. This is of course nothing out of the ordinary, with these studios historically the usual absent suspects, and even so before physical distancing became a thing.

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Digital May Be A Turning Point

The hope is that the virtual nature of this year’s instalment of E3 – which is set to run from 12 to 15 June – will bring something fresh and renewing to the brand of the event. Since the annual gaming conference has in recent years lost some of its shimmer and shine, ESA and members of the global gaming community are hoping a digital and free-for-all E3 will rekindle something of what made the conference great and renowned in the first place.

E3 has traditionally been about uniting fans and showcasing for all to see the very best that the video games industry has to offer its loyal supporters, said ESA’s Stanley Pierre-Louis. The event has for more than two decades stood central to uniting communities through games, he explained.

The idea behind hosting a digital version of E3 is clearly to not only ensure the survival of the annual gaming conference, but also an attempt to see it return to its heyday.

Looking To A Modern Future

Although in-person fan events certainly make up an important part of any sector part of the greater entertainment industry, they very rarely help studios and gaming companies make major news headlines.

The return of E3 in digital form may very well mean something of an evolution for the global gaming industry in terms of reaching more fans in a broader and more inclusive way. The traditional home to significant video game reveals by some of the biggest names in games development, E3 will look to this year excite and inform in an all-new modern way that is likely long overdue.

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