Chat Fun Social Game Review

By Ben Hamill - October 13 2014

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Chat Fu is one of the hottest and newest social games out there today. Run through Facebook, it's certainly a fun game to try out and to test out on your friends. But keep in mind that just as you might trick them with Chat Fu, they can turn the tables on you as well. Any Chat Fu Social Game Review that you'll read today will explain how the game works but will also say that there are still some wrinkles to be ironed out with the social games of these sorts. Not to worry — the excitement that people seem to be showing for the game will definitely turn into action and ironing out of these issues soon enough. As the social world explodes, it makes sense that the social games would also develop. And this is the one that anyone who already chats on Facebook will enjoy. It adds a bit of spice to the Facebook experience and offers you way to challenge your friends in this arena.

The Basics

As any Chat Fu Social Game Review will explain, the idea of the game is that you select a friend you want to put into the game and you use the Facebook chat function to get going. You're a ninja, as is your friend, and you pick a category. These can include Pop Culture, Food, TV and Cartoons. Your goal, then, with the social games, is to get your friend to say a certain word related to the category. But the trick is that you can't use of the "trap words" to get them to say it. If you use the trap words, you lose. As you type with your friend and you try to get him to say certain words, you'll see your ninja guys fighting online. Coins come out if you make a good hit, which you can then use to buy more fighters. You can also buy ninja stars that let you disarm trap words or change your target word completely.

More Fun

Certainly, it's the most fun to play this game against someone who doesn't know he's play. But as the Chat Fu Social Game Review sites will explain, as the game gets more popular, more people will realize what you're doing. And then it will either get boring or people will at least clue in to what you're trying to get them to say. It takes a lot of skill to get someone to say something without making it look weird.

Ninja Touches

The ninja guys add an interesting added touch. They jump around as you try to get your opponent to say certain words and it's humorous to watch them. You can also bring in a number of chat partners at a time, creating more energy and more chances to gain points and to succeed.

A Few Facts

As the Chat Fun social Game Review sites will explain, the game is certainly a first interesting attempt at the Facebook game for built—In message services. You can unlock accessories from different hats and glasses to other items to customize your fighter and you can earn coins to spend on all sorts of game enhancements. While the game can use a bit of help, it's certainly a fun start and one with checking out for anyone who enjoys social games.

Although some people would definitely wonder why you want to trick your friends on Facebook into saying particular things. And more importantly — why you can't just talk to real friends and play a real game with them. But in the modern age of Facebook — this just might not be where your energy is focused at the moment. Chat away with Chat Fu and have a blast. Take your social experience to a whole new level by enjoying the creativity of this game. You’ll love watching the ninjas and their next moves – and seeing if you’re creative enough to get your friends talking in the way that you want them to talk.