GLI The Latest Organisation To Join The CGA

By Ben Hamill - June 21 2019

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The Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) is the top institution in Canada when it comes to the advancement of the local games industry. The latest entity to have joined as a member of the association is Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), a move on the part of an entity that has been welcomed by the CGA’s President and CEO, namely Paul Burns.

The Canadian Gaming Association is widely considered to be the industry leader and primary source of information with regards to the local Canadian gaming industry. Its members include key industry figures, including regulators, Lottery and gaming management figures and even government officials tasked with regulation and management of the industry in its entirety.

Representative Of The Industry

According to Burns, the CGA represents an ever-growing conglomerate of inclusive operators, suppliers, manufacturers and industry innovators. The association, according to the CEO, is 100% committed towards the advancement, expansion and development of the local gaming industry and enjoys the support and membership of the best of the industry’s suppliers and tech-experts.

Burns said that the belief within the CGA is that GLI brings to the table a new element of experience, having been a solid and undeniable pillar of strength in the local industry for many years. Having a deep history in the Canadian market is one of its most valuable assets, according to Burns, and the CEO said that this is a quality that is recognised and valued by everyone involved with the association.

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The CGA Functions As A Body

Members of the CGA enjoy many privileges in return for their services rendered and expertise offered. It has over the years grown into a solid network of support and information and members are able to forge new relationships with other members and institutions, offer advice and guidance on important issues trending within the local as well as the global gaming sector, and also to draw and rely on the information that is gathered by the association for industry research purposes. Becoming a member of the Canadian Gaming Association allows industry players to be perfectly in tune with what is happening at ground level at any given time.

GLI’s VP of iGaming and Canadian Services, Salim Adatia, describes its new membership and proposed involvement with the association as an honour and an important milestone in the group’s overall growth and development process. Adatia said that its joining the association is a testament to its ongoing commitment towards the local Canadian gaming sector and that it looked forward to playing its part in the bigger picture.

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