Canada Shines At This Year’s E3 Conference

By Ben Hamill - July 03 2019

Canada Shines At This Year’s E3 Conference

With another E3 video games conference now successfully done and dusted, it’s interesting to look back on who this year’s big game-changers were. With so much focus every year being placed on what the big games corporations like Sony and Microsoft are getting up to, its easy to completely miss the hidden gems being released by developers every bit as expert and able to create top-class video gaming entertainment as the well-known industry giants. Canadian developers were this year behind at least 10 of the top games released at the expo. Some examples include EA Vancouver’s FIFA 20, Unisoft Quebec’s Gods and Monsters, and Gears of War 5, created by none other than Vancouver-based developer The Coalition.

In addition to the massive tax incentives offered by government to anyone adding value to the country’s many specialised entertainment industries, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) of Canada has had much to do with the country’s rise to success in the global video games industry.

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Serving Canada And Its People

The association is dedicated not only to the developers themselves, but also to the country at large and more specifically, to the impact of the video games industry on Canada as a nation. The ESA hosts an annual Canadian Student Video Game Competition. The competition attracts thousands of up and coming young developers and endeavours to ensure a constant influx of innovative young software developers into the local marketplace.

The ESA also acts as a mediator between developers and local government policymakers. This ensures that everyone is afforded a voice when it comes to the formulation of policies and industry standards, and that policies are updated in a timeous manner in order to ensure the successful and legal longevity of the Canadian video games entertainment industry.

Enabling Young Developers

The ESA’s annual competition sees to it that the most original and creative game is selected from each year’s field of entries. The selection process is overseen by leaders in the global games industry, and includes a team of Microsoft and Warner Bros development studio software experts.

Best of all is that the winning team is then flown to Los Angeles where it then has the opportunity to present its games to the industry at the annual E3 expo. Opportunities such as this one come around but once in a lifetime; sometimes not at all.

This year’s competition was won by a group of young developers studying at the University of Quebec & Montreal. Their game is called Cut Loose and is a third-person adventure game created for Android. According to the winners, the game was created in only ten weeks.

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