Bose Named Official LoL Headset Partner

By Ben Hamill - September 22 2020

Bose Named Official LoL Headset Partner

Northeastern American audio equipment and technology specialist developer and manufacturer Bose has been named the official headset partner of all global League of Legends (LoL) events. Beginning with the upcoming League of Legends World Championships, or Worlds, the dedicated sound and innovation in technology giant will be providing audio gear for all global events following that, including big-gaming spectaculars such as the LoL Mid-Season Invitational and the League of Legends All Star Event.

But perhaps most exciting of all is that the deal alongside League of Legends coincides with the official launch of the very first headset developed by Bose that has been designed specifically for gaming. And these are the headsets that will be worn by all teams, referees, camera crews, and production workers at the upcoming 2020 League of Legends World Championships, which get underway in Shanghai on September 25 this year.

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Making The Sounds Of The Game

What drove the deal alongside Bose is the providing of a richer and more engaged audio connection for fans of LoL esports, and also to “level up” experience of the pro player across all League of Legends global events, said Riot Games Head of Global Esports Collaborations and Business Development, Naz Aletaha. An industry leader in powered-up audio tech and innovation for many decades, Bose is the perfect match for Riot Games, said Aletaha.

In addition to the providing of all official headsets for global competitions staged the world over, the audio and headset technology giant will also launch a special collection of high-quality sound content called “Sounds of the Game”, which content will reportedly examine the very value of sound and quality of feedback and acoustics in League of Legends while in competition.

Bose’s Esports Journey

But League of Legends isn’t Bose’s first foray into the global world of competitive video gaming. The company in 2018 became the official headset sponsor to the Boston Uprising, and then in 2019 went on to sponsor the Madden NFL 19 Championship Series.

But supporting League of Legends at a global scale is clearly where entering the esports space in a big way is at for Bose. The relationship between Bose and Riot Games is practically a natural type of fit, said Pat Lacriox, who is the Head of Global Brand Activation and Marketing for Bose, of the alliance alongside the League of Legends brand. Both companies take great pride in developing the tech and innovation of the future, said Lacriox, and both companies always put customers first.

It’s an exciting prospect to support LoL in the international esports space, explained Bose’s Lacriox, but it is also equally exciting to introduce the audio giant’s first-ever headset developed specifically for gaming.

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