Blizzard May Have Gone Too Far with WoW Ban

By Ben Hamill - February 04 2020

Blizzard May Have Gone Too Far with WoW Ban

Blizzard is for bummed. Bummed and badgering and soon possibly even busted. That Activision’s Blizzard Entertainment has this time gone way too far is a done thing. The latest controversial move by the creators of World of Warcraft and Overwatch is an outright forum-ban on a group of players who had done no more than to prompt fellow-players to ask for refunds on Warcraft III. That’s not to mention even various interdicts imposed on those who dared to criticize some elements of the game.

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That Warcraft III is buggy to the point of the game being at times completely unplayable is no state secret. And yet, judging by Blizzard’s recent actions, daring to criticize even the most insignificant of features is a glaring no-no. And to make matters even worse, this isn’t the first time Blizzard has reacted out of obvious disdain and ignorance towards the needs of its players.

China vs The World

Last year Blizzard caused quite the stir when it seemingly sided with China at the time of the Hong Kong protests. Video games politics can be brutal; politics are brutal and at times inhumane by default. But when Blizzard Entertainment last year banned a guy for simply having championed the protests in his home country Hong Kong, it proved the final straw for many players already at that stage quite fed up with the company’s supposed lack of spine.

What Blizzard brazenly and openly showed to the world was that it valued commercial bang for the buck way more than what it did its own players. So much so that Blizzard appeared completely unable to differentiate between a player simply speaking his mind and siding with his nation and a corporate games development giant flipping commercial mainland China the bird.

Money Matters To Blizzard

Blizzard did eventually supposedly come to its senses (read: buckled under commercial as well as political pressure) and lifted the harsh punishment, but that really did not do much in favour of redemption at all. Blizzard Entertainment appears to have entered an unredeemable wasteland and only time will tell whether things will ever again return to the way they once were.

In fact, so cheesed off were a group of Blizzard employees about the Hong Kong controversy, that they packed their jams and walked out a day after it was announced that the public-protest player had been struck with a lifetime ban. So much for worker confidence.

Has Blizzard Entertainment this time round finally gone too far? Only time will tell.

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