Bethesda Follows Blizzard and Splits From Nvidia

By Ben Hamill - February 25 2020

Bethesda Follows Blizzard and Splits From Nvidia

Game streaming services may be the next big thing for the world of video games but what’s become quite clear too is that these are potentially the makings of some pretty nasty gaming politics. The latest bickering in the chicken coup appears to involve games streaming platform GeForce Now, a division of Nvidia and Bethesda Softworks. The latter has publicly confirmed the pulling of all of its content; with the sole exception of Wolfenstein Youngblood; from Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming platform. Bethesda’s announcement follows hot on the heels of a similar move on the part of Activision Blizzard. The only reason provided for the split between GeForce Now and Activision Blizzard was that of a misunderstanding having developed between the platform owner and the publisher.

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Now that Bethesda has followed suit, one cannot help but wonder about the true reasons behind the supposed “misunderstandings” to have led to the exits. Nvidia will without doubt have been inundated with questions from all ends, leading to the company now having published a Q&A on its website regarding the two developers to have left the building.

Nvidia’s Change Of Topic

The explanation offered by Nvidia however focuses more on possible miscellaneous reasons as to why a video game would be pulled from the platform post-beta launch, than what it does on any reason this way or that regarding the two most recent partings of ways.

Nvidia basically bats the ball into courts of developers by saying that one of the many reasons for a game being pulled from the platform would be that of it becoming non-available for streaming on GeForce Now. The publishers ultimately remain in control of whether or not a game is made available for streaming once it graduates from beta-mode, concludes Nvidia. 

The company then rants on and on about how it supports free-to-play games like Fortnite and League of Legends and how it will continue to work tirelessly at making available top popular titles on the platform. 

Nvidia May Be In The Wrong

Nvidia’s generic brushing over the topic may simply be a matter of not wanting to get into public squabble over nitty gritty. But it also may allude to something a great deal more sinister, such as the paid streaming service’s supposed knack for not obtaining the necessary permissions from product owners and publishers regarding the presentation of games post-launch.

This appears to have been the reason for the Nvidia-Blizzard split, in any event. Nvidia remains unwilling to divulge whether or not it did in fact obtain the necessary permissions from Activision to keep its games on the platform after date of official launch, and the general consensus now is that much of the same may have been going on between GeForce Now and Bethesda.

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