Top 2 Player Board Games for Festive Season Fun

By Ben Hamill - December 04 2019

And so another date night has rolled on by and it’s your turn to choose the where and the what. Only problem is, you’re fresh out of ideas and must now resort to scrambling about online in double time in search of creative inspiration so as to prevent your significant other from confusing your lack of inspiration with a lack of interest.

Lucky for you, there’s a board game for each of life’s problems; idea-less date nights and all. And even luckier-for-you, there’s to be little to no scrambling going on because this time round, someone has you covered with information on top choice board games, where to get them and what to expect. Forget about Chess, Backgammon or run of the mill Scrabble, we’ve made the festive season even more fun with these top picks, and ensured that you can enjoy 2-player action at its ultimate.

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Sherlock Holmes

Dating a reader? Forever prying away your significant other from being nose-deep in a book as thick as your buddy from college? No problem, because in that case, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is just the game for you.

But beware, you pretty much have to enjoy; or at least be able to tolerate; quite a bit of reading yourself, as all of the clues and leads are embedded in stories. Stories that will have to be read in order to make your respective ways across a beautifully decorated and detailed map of London.

Pandemic Legacy Season 1

Not much of a detective-style reader? Then perhaps Pandemic Legacy Season 1 is a more suitable option for you. Reliability is pretty much a pre-requisite here, as the world’s state of health will be resting squarely on all four your shoulders.

Oh and this is for long-term relationships, by the way; or at least relationships with a reasonable prospect of lasting at least another 12 months, as the game is played over the course of as many months. Each month presents to the pair of board game lovers a new compartment that must be opened in order for the world-saving adventure to continue.

Run, Fight Or Die!

This is one exclusively for the Zombie Aficionado in you (and your better half, of course, what with this being about board games for 2!). Run, Fight or Die! is dice-based and requires each of the two players to pick a survivor on the board with whom to play to play the zombie game.

A roll of the dice decides your fate, and based on the outcome, you will run, fight or meet your demise. The secret to survival is to adapt your strategy as you go along. Definitely one for fans of apocalypse-style cinema.

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