Bally’s Corp. Completes Acquisition Of MKF

By Ben Hamill - March 31 2021

Bally’s Corp. Completes Acquisition Of MKF

Big news this month is that Bally’s Corporation has now completed its acquisition take-over of one of the fastest-expanding online gaming platforms as well as the third-biggest daily fantasy sports operator in Northern America. Bally’s Corp. is now the owner of Monkey Knife Fight (MKF), making of the corporation only the third US sports betting operator to also have a fantasy sports offering.

The acquisition furthermore brings Bally’s a significant step closer to realising its goal of being recognised as the first vertically integrated sports wagering and iGaming company in the United States with a B2B2C business model. This is a long-term growth and diversification goal the brand has been striving towards ever since it first made known its interest in the booming US sports betting industry.

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Full Integration The Next Step

The next step will be to integrate MKF into Bally’s Interactive division, said Bally’s president and CEO George Papanier early last week. Papanier said that the Bally’s team is satisfied with its successful closing of the significant acquisition, and that it will now turn all of its attentions toward a successful integration of what he described to be a very “unique” asset.

Papanier also explained that Bally’s considered its entering the US fantasy sports betting market to be a key component of the corporation’s multi-channel approach, which includes that of providing a turnkey and seamless customer experience via every available digital channel.

This provision of a diverse and all-round service is a significant milestone for Bally’s, said the president and CEO, and an important step in the ongoing internal process of long-term diversification and expansion. Bally’s is looking forward to supplying sports fans nationwide with an engaging and powerful daily sports betting platform that will resonate with those premier offerings that already define the provider’s larger portfolio, he said.

About Monkey Knife Fight

Monkey Knife Fight is indeed an established and significantly sized daily fantasy sports betting brand. It currently has around 200,000 registered users, with roughly 90,000 of those depositing players. This existing operation is expected to greatly contribute to Bally’s existing and already rapidly-growing customer base.

Equally significant is that the acquisition now enables Bally’s to combine the newly-acquired gaming and betting platform’s massive geographic presence with its own. MKF’s presence spans across an incredible 37 states, including the District of Columbia and Canada.

Bally’s Sinclair portfolio currently spans 19 regional sports networks, and will boosted by MKF, now be in a position to provide even more sports engagement opportunities to fans across the US and Canada.

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