Ballpark Empire Social Game Review

By Ben Hamill - October 12 2014

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Online gaming is always fun but when you do it in a social milieu, it’s even more exhilarating and satisfying than ever.

Ballpark Empire is such a game. The MLB Ballpark Empire is available for Android, iOS, PC and Mac gamers. Social media gaming allows you to stay up to date with the latest announcements, get answers to any of your questions from the gaming community and share your suggestions directly with the creators which you might then see in updated versions or even future editions of the game. .

The MLB Ballpark Empire game developers provide a comprehensive Ballpark Empire Social Game Review to fill you in on all of the aspects of the game. You can also obtain answers to any questions on the forums or by live chat.

If your flash player is up to date and your cache and cookies are clear, you’ll have no trouble accessing the game at your leisure which is free at Google Play and in the iTunes store. .

MLB Ballpark Empire Thrills

MLB Ballpark Empire is a virtual Stadium-building game which challenges you to build up your favourite Major League Baseball franchise. You’ll start with a small local ballpark and make the moves that create the ultimate baseball stadium. It’s easier than you think to build up the franchise which challenges you to put together a winning team, bring fans to the stadium, develop an economic base to bring in money and make the contacts that will help your team flourish.

As you build bigger and better stadiums you move up the game levels. Just as franchise owners do in real life you’ll need to consider your fans as you make decisions that will grow the enterprise. Your stadium will need comfortable seating, concession stands, engaging replicas of baseball landmarks and a continuation of expansion as the team’s wins bring in more fans and more action.


Read the Ballpark Empire Social Game Review so that, once you start playing, you don’t miss any of the important steps that will keep your team on the winning path. The Review starts out by detailing the kind of Blueprints that you’ll need — the materials that will be needed to construct your stadium. Monitor your current Blueprints inventory and buy more materials with MLBucks by clicking on the Blueprints menu on the bottom navigation bar.

Blueprints are obtained by completing Missions, buying them with MLBucks, winning them in the Trade District or Warehouse, receiving them from your FB friends or collecting them as random rewards when you complete a Task in a Facility. .

Concession Stands

Owning a team and building a stadium takes you beyond outlays of funds — you must plan ahead so that you recoup your investment and make a profit as well! One of the ways to do this involves the concession stands that you allow to operate at the stadium. These stands pay you for the privilege of serving food and drinks to fans. A lucrative concession stand can generate virtual revenue for you in Coins and Fandom so you’ll want to think carefully about how to arrange the stands and which stands you intend to allow in your stadium. You can always upgrade a concession stand so that it will stock more food and drinks, enabling you to earn more profits.

You can sell concession stands, restock your concessions, build and unlock concession stands, move from one stand to another and upgrade your concession stands as you expand your stadium and increase your profits.


Use Fandom to advance your level of play in Ballpark Empire. As you win games against other teams,, serve food at concession stands, hire skilled staff members, install team banners, build special stadium parts and complete Missions you’ll earn revenue. Every activity brings you to an ever-higher levels of Fandom and to your goal of creating a successful Baseball Empire.

You can earn and accrue Coins and MLBucks by winning them as rewards when you complete missions, with Level Ups, with Daily Rewards or by buying them with FB Credits. You can also win Coins and MLBucks with special deals on the MLB Ballpark Empire social games FB Page.


Accumulate your tickets slowly or buy them with MLBucks to play games. Tickets acquired at Fandom level retrigger and give you more chances to acquire more tickets. You can buy more tickets using Coins or MLBucks — these items are virtual currency which are used throughout the game. Coins and MLBucks serve as legal currency for purchasing stadium parts, restocking concession stands, upgrading facilities (parking lot, TV station, warehouse and concession stands) and signing up staff and players. You can also use your Coins or MLBucks to buy items such as hard hats, construction signs, laser scanners and other necessities.

Training Blocks and Skill Points

Skill Points make up your players' ratings. These individual ratings then contribute to your overall Team Rating so, obviously, the higher the scores, the more chance your team has to perform better on the field. You can use Training Blocks or Coins to increase a player's rating and you can win Blocks when you complete a Mission.