Latest Xbox Report Not Exactly Good News

By Ben Hamill - April 19 2021

Latest Xbox Report Not Exactly Good News

One would think that a report detailing the many big exclusives coming soon to the Xbox Series X would be good news all around. But the fact that a new report from Xbox Game Studios clearly states that none of the exclusive big releases the studio is currently working on can be expected to go live anytime soon, has put a definite damper on the announcement.

With titles such as Everwild, Perfect Dark, and Fable 4 all currently under construction, variety certainly isn’t the issue at all. What is deeply concerning is the timeline – and even more so given the smorgasbord of titles already available to PS5 owners; this despite Sony’s newest console being only a few months old.

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Halo Infinite The Lone Certainty

Only out since November last year, Sony’s PS5 already has Demon’s Souls and Marvel’s Spider Man: Miles Morales going for it, top titles that will soon be joined by even more impressive releases such as Horizon Forbidden West, Returnal, and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, on the other hand, has Halo Infinite. But even though scheduled for release later this year still, the cold hard truth is that the Xbox Series X doesn’t currently have much else lined up for release in the near future.

Adding even more spice to the rice recently was GamesIndustry’s Christopher Dring. Speaking during a VCG podcast, Dring said although he’s caught wind of sever big upcoming exclusives for Xbox, including Fable 4, but that these all appear to be literally years away from actual release. Dring’s tongue-in-cheek remark about another Xbox likely being on its way before many of the games being teased currently are actually released is, well, funny because it’s probably true.  

He’s Got Inside Info

Dring said he’s got both consoles at home – and that he shares an equal amount of love for his Xbox and PS5. The only difference is that he plays with his PS5 way more often than with his Xbox Series X – because of the “loads” of exclusives available for his Xbox.

Certainly boding well for Xbox is that it does have several amazing big-name studios going for it. The only problem with games like Fable, Perfect Dark, and Everwild, says Dring, is that the few friends he has at Xbox Game Studios have let on that the release of those titles are very far away in the future yet.

Here’s hoping there’s more to it than just that.

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