Apple More Interested In Gaming Than Ever

By Ben Hamill - July 01 2020

Apple More Interested In Gaming Than Ever

It’s official: Apple is interested in gaming. As in big-industry gaming. Also – as in iPad gaming. Not that the tech-giant’s intensified focus on gaming support should come as any surprise. This is after all the same industry believed to be headed in the direction of an annual revenue performance rating far exceeding $300 billion by 2025.

Still, Apple’s complete in-process Game Centre user interface overhaul is a refreshing indication of the direction the traditionally-smartphone big enterprise seems to be headed in. Apple is spending quite a bit of money and resources in improving gaming support in iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and even tvOS. Not to mention even on rumble and haptic feedback – buzzwords and functions up until now only ever mentioned as synonymous with the PS5 community (and to a lesser extent, Xbox Series X).

Apple is, as the old saying goes, finally getting with the program.

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About That Controller

Not only is Apple working on letting gamers experience the interactive feel of guns and the force of explosives as they recoil and detonate, but also on the overall ‘real-life’ feel of the in-game experience. Lightbar support, programmable feedback, two-finger tracking and touchpad button-support – you name it, and Apple is bound to be working on improving it. All of this obviously bodes more than just well for precision-intensive games such as first-person shooters.

Controller-controlled gaming action is more than just a thing – its right at the core of what matters most to gamers (irrespective of how casual or how passionately committed). In fact, given the amount of time and money Apple must be investing in improvements made across its several operating system-deviations, it’s a surprise the company hasn’t any plans to launch its own controller. Not yet, in anyway.

Apple Is Coming Full-Circle

But that Apple would naturally want to create new and improved monetization pathways is pretty much a given, especially considering the 2019 launch of its “Apple Arcade” paywall-based subscription gaming service. Apple Arcade (as it is in its current form) seems designed with a specific focus on iPhones. Apple for the longest time seemed in need of a reminder regarding the raw power of its tablets.

Apple (wittingly or unwittingly) intended its iPads to be used for landscape view – i.e. typical gaming view. Everything from physical design to keyboard peripherals appear to be better suited to a landscape way of “holding around” than to a portrait style of display.

The entire thing seems to be a case of a device having developed a life and agenda of its own. And it’s a life very much biased in favour of gaming.

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