Apple’s New Rules Wreaking Havoc

By Ben Hamill - July 01 2019

Apple’s New Rules Wreaking Havoc

When tech giant Apple announced some weeks ago that it had planned to make important changes in order to better align itself with being primarily an entertainment provider instead of throwing all of its resources at manufacturing and hardware support, a type of angst could immediately be detected in mobile casino app circles. The matter-of-fact manner in which the announcement was made hardly fit the desperate nature of the chain of events that it would ultimately create. And really, the casino industry should have seen it coming from miles away when Apple responded to China’s calls for the removal of all gambling-related apps from its local App Store, much like a naughty child to a berating parent.

The full force of the announcement and the absolutely terrible nature of the timing was however only felt when Apple proceeded to announce that not only did it require all real-money apps and games to be redeveloped in order to be compliant with native iOS, but moreover, everybody had better get right down to it, because September 3rd would be the official deadline. When considering the fact that the complete redevelopment of a game or application into an altogether different software language could take anywhere up to 8 weeks (that’s per game or app!), one begins to realise just how mammoth the challenge that lies before us really is.

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Perfect Poor Timing

Did we mention that the new NFL season gets underway on September 5th, followed by the NBA campaign in October? Its not difficult to muster up before the eyes of the imagination a slightly hunched and mildly delirious bookie agonising about “so much to do, so little time” and adding to that “so many online betting apps to redevelop in a matter of a couple of days shy of 9 weeks”.

According to Digichain CCO Suren Kachatryan, the short and simple fact of the matter is that it can’t be done. Kachatryan explains that the majority of gambling and betting apps make use of HTML5 coding. What this ultimately means is that developers and operators alike will have to completely rethink the way forward. There are only two options. Either write games and apps from scratch in native iOS or port existing games and apps from HTML5 to native iOS. It’s not even as if one way is preferable over the other; both are exceptionally time-consuming and by no means cheap.

Harder Work, Lower Pay

Developers across the board will from now on out have to design games and apps intended to be made available on the App Store, specifically for the App Store. There will be no more generic development followed by a tweak here and a fine-tune there in order to cater for both Android as well as iOS. Its now a matter of “doing everything twice”, or in other words, “double the work for half the pay”.

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