Apple’s Craftiness Called Out By Ex-Director

By Ben Hamill - October 10 2020

Apple’s Craftiness Called Out By Ex-Director

Apple Inc. is the epitome of the double industry standard. So says former Apple App Store Director Phil Shoemaker of Apple’s keep-out policies responsible for preventing Xbox Game Pass and Google Stadia from selling their wares to iOS users.

Commenting on Microsoft’s September 15 launch of a Netflix-style games streaming service to form part of Xbox Game Pass, the former Apple big-gun spilled the beans on Apple’s tendency to refuse iOS access to any app considered to be capable of competing with any of the tech giant’s own games and services. Shoemaker’s comments appeared in a new House antitrust report recently released following several fingers recently pointed at Apple for its shameless gunning for a monopoly.

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Apple’s Scheming Market Strategy

The reason for Apple’s refusal of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass is that the latter is a direct competitor to Apple’s own Apple Arcade games subscription service, explained Shoemaker. When pushed by industry competitors, Apple Arcade is the variety product typically rejected by the industry giant. And according to Phil Shoemaker, it’s also a product in direct violation of its own product owner’s App Store guidelines.

The recent rejection of Microsoft’s application to be allowed to offer its streamed gaming service via iOS and the App Store is by no means the first rejection haphazardly handed down by Apple Inc. In fact, Apple has repeatedly disallowed similar apps from a variety of big gaming giants, including Google’s Stadia.

Apple’s excuse has all throughout been an explanation along the lines of Apple not being able review each game offered in the libraries of those wanting to stream games to users via its store. An App Store spokesperson in August went wild and elaborate explaining Apple’s apparent commitment to the safety of customers downloading software from its online store. All apps are individually reviewed before being launched by the App Store, said the spokesperson at the time. Not only did Apple sell the refusal as being for the protection of customers, but it even went as far as claiming the policy to be in the best interest of a level and fair playing field being available to independent developers.

Apple Is Doing It Knowingly

The former App Store director reportedly also told the subcommittee that Apple has for a very long time been working hard at using the App Store as a type of weapon for the warding off and the keeping at bay of market competitors.

Apple – unsurprisingly – has in the meantime rejected Shoemaker’s statements and has said that it will be entering a proper defense and disprove in the coming days.

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