Android 12 Update To Revolutionise Mobile Gaming

By Ben Hamill - July 16 2021

Android 12 Update To Revolutionise Mobile Gaming

As one of the world’s most popular operating systems, Android has millions of people around the world waiting with anticipation for its next update. Due out soon, Android 12 already promises to offer users even more than they could ever imagine. On Monday, Google is expected to announce a new, big and exciting feature for Android users to look forward to: instead of waiting until a game is fully downloaded, eager players will be able to play the games they want to while they are still downloading! This makes for excellent news for Android users, particularly those who are avid gamers.

The new feature means that games that are particularly large won’t require players to have to wait before jumping into a game and starting to play. Instead, they will pretty much be able to start playing immediately. This provides a solution to a major pain point for many avid players around the world, giving Android 12 a massive advantage over any other operating system update for a long while.

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Other Changes Expected

However, in true Android fashion, this is not the only change that users can expect from the update. Several other new features are on the horizon, one of which is a major design change that will revolutionise devices for Android users.

This news was announced as part of Google’s Games Developer Summit 2021. The event, which is widely anticipated by developers each and every year, ran from 12 to 13 July. During this event, Google also announced that it has a new game dashboard in the works for the Android 12 update and that it would provide users with easy, efficient access to utilities, including the likes of recording and screen capture. As far as when this will roll out, Google said that it will be available on a range of selected devices later on this year.

How Will The New Game Feature Work?

Not all games will be able to be played before they are fully downloaded. For now, only games that make use of the Play Asset Delivery System will be enabled to do so. If games do run on this system, Google has confirmed that this feature will not be something that developers will need to turn on. Instead, it will be automatic.

Google estimates that players will be able to dive into a new game two times faster with this update.