Amazon Finally Cans Crucible

By Ben Hamill - October 13 2020

Amazon Finally Cans Crucible

Ecommerce and online entertainment giant Amazon have officially canned Crucible, their free-to-play multiplayer shooter game. Crucible has no sustainable future explained Amazon’s Crucible team in a recent blog post. And no surprises there too, since this is after all a game several years in development, only to be launched and demoted back to closed beta mode in a matter of months.

Those already playing the game in closed beta will be able to continue doing so at least for a short time longer. And since the developers will soon be putting up a final community playtest and special celebration, there will at least be time sufficient for saying goodbye. Once the final playtest has been staged, multiplayer matchmaking will unfortunately be disabled, leaving only custom games available until November 9th - on which date the entire thing will apparently be dismantled and disappear from the ether for good.

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Teething Issues Or Superb Fail?

Those developers who spent time slaving away (essentially failing) at Crucible will according to the blog post be moved to work on other Amazon games currently in-development. One such game is the tech-giant’s upcoming new MMO titled New World. Due to launch next year spring, New World has however not escaped its own fair share of challenges – including at least two delays (so far).

There’s also Pac-Man Live Studio supposedly “coming soon” from Amazon. Confirmed by Amazon in May to be an upcoming launch scheduled for June, the game is still not out – and with no further word or explanation. All of which have left many to speculate about the viability of Luna, Amazon’s new cloud gaming service.

The Challenge Ahead

If Luna is going to make it big in the world of cloud gaming, it will have to compete with the likes of Google’s Stadia, Nvidia’s GeForce Now, and Microsoft’s xCloud – all of which, admittedly, are experiencing their own (un)healthy dose of teething problems.

As for Amazon’s Luna, the new games streaming service will offer to players full access to different groupings of games divided into separate channels (think the make-up of Amazon Prime, for example).

As part of Luna’s early release offering, only one channel is currently available. Luna Plus will apparently soon be joined by a second channel dedicated to Ubisoft games only. Individual games cannot currently be bought and must instead be taken on as part of the packaged “channel” deal.

The indication at this stage is that each channel will be paid for separately.

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