Atlantic Lottery Reports Online Gaming Surge

By Ben Hamill - May 13 2020

Atlantic Lottery Reports Online Gaming Surge

Atlantic Lottery Corp has said that it has seen a definite surge in online gaming over the course of recent weeks. The corporation puts this down to folks having been ordered to stay safe by staying at home. The surge has according to Atlantic Lottery CEO Chris Keevil, seen online gaming numbers increase at least five-fold. This has without a doubt had a positive effect on figures overall, limiting the overall decline in lottery ticket sales to only 10% when taking into account business figures for the past couple of weeks.

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When the sale of Lottery tickets was banned across the board on March 30th, many feared that such a move and the resulting decline in revenue income would have a massively negative impact on the corporation’s Lottery sales. Players however showed themselves to be die-hard fans of engaging with their favourite Lottery games and soon began resorting toward buying their Lottery tickets online instead by making use of the services offered by the Crown corporation’s domain.

Player-Safety Is A Priority

But Atlantic Corp’s commitment toward offering as much of a variety of games as possible to its players, even amid limiting conditions, has resulted in a great deal more than just the corporation having limited its own losses. By offering a variety of games on its online platform, the Crown corporation has succeeded at keeping its players safe by preventing a mass migration to illegal and potentially risky foreign and oftentimes black-market operators. The domain is home to a wealth of Bingo, Scratch and Win and Instant Win games, and these offer a great alternative to the lottery.

Not only has the ALC been successful at holding on to its loyal player-base, but it will, thanks to its having been able to continue earning revenue income, now be in a position to issue the next on-schedule contribution to the municipalities in its host communities in terms of promised cash allocations.

Convenience Plays A Roll

Not only are online games a handy alternative to the Lottery, they are also a great deal more convenient for many players. The convenience factor has now resulted in the corporation reporting a five-fold increase in online business, which is more than what many other service providers are able to lay claim to have managed to do.

Keevil recently also congratulated his staff for having successfully put together the type of platform that not only offers a point-of-sales alternative, but also one that encourages new player registration and is overall a fantastic user-experience.

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