Century Mile Racetrack & Casino Opening Soon

By Ben Hamill - March 08 2019

Century Mile Racetrack & Casino Opening Soon

Make no mistake; the US may have beat Canada to legalised-sportsbetting heaven, but the ultimate entertainment race is far from over. All bets are off when it comes to Canadian thoroughbred horseracing; there’s just no keeping a good horse down! Century Casinos Inc., owner-operator of the Century Mile Racetrack in Alberta, recently announced that it will soon be opening its brand new casino, sports bar and remote betting lounge – and as early as April 1st.

But the real treat to look forward to is the start of the thoroughbred horseracing season that kicks off on April 28th with a one-mile racetrack event; the official first racing event to be run on the single-mile track. Those looking for the perfect opportunity to really go to town for an evening of glitz and glam can do so during the grand gala opening evening which will be hosted by the venue on April 27th.

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Prime Property For A Prime Experience

The venue is Century’s latest development and is situated on prime property located on Edmonton International Airport-owned land. What’s more, the location is as central as can be and right off one of the busiest highways running most of the way through Western Canada. Being so close to the airport, it’s also close to exclusive golf courses, shopping Mecca’s, a hotel and almost every other conceivable business.

The development does come at a price and the company is expected to have invested more than $47 million once everything has been completed. But, all things considered, it’s a small price to pay considering the size and scope and potential; both for the region as well as for the company itself.

A Trilogy Of Entertainment

The development truly is larger than life. The first floor of the venue features the casino which will be kitted out with 550 slot machines and electronic games tables, 38 stadium-style games, a horserace betting area, restaurant-style eatery, 14 video Lottery stations, a bar and a relaxing lounge.

The second floor is the real show-off of the building and will consist of inside and outside grandstand viewing areas. From the vantage point on the third floor, those lounging it out on the patio will be able to feast their eyes on the racetrack and paddock; and as far as the naked eye can see.

There will be more than enough parking spots to go around, and the horses, horsemen and horse trainers will all have proper space, stables and other amenities at their round-the-clock disposal.  With all of the fantastic entertainment doing the rounds, there will hardly be any time for tomfoolery this April 1st!

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