Alberta Expected To Enter The iGaming Arena

By Ben Hamill - February 08 2019

Alberta Expected To Enter The iGaming Arena

In Canada, the scope and extent of gambling products and services is different in each province. Provinces are given the option as to whether regulated gambling has a place and to what extent. The province of Alberta, despite having been successful at keeping the news under wraps for the most part, has put out a bid for a technical partner that will be able to assist the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission to develop an online gambling platform.

It certainly appears as if Alberta plans on legalizing online gambling in the province very soon. The request for the proposal includes services connected with the development of an online as well as a mobile gambling platform.

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Alberta Second Last To Opt In

According to the report, which was run by news agency CBC, applicants have until 28 February to submit their proposals.  In Canada, eight of the ten provinces currently offer some form of gambling, but it’s no free online gambling market, and a tight grip prevails on all gambling-related activities.

Once Alberta has joined in the online gambling fold, Saskatchewan will be the only remaining province not offering anything in the way of a Lottery service or games of chance. That having been said, it isn’t yet clear exactly what the range of services is that will be offered by Alberta. The BC Lottery Corps website, for instance, offers a complete range of online casino games, a Lottery service, and Poker. On the other end of the spectrum there is the Atlantic Lottery, where only the most basic of Lottery games may be enjoyed.

Exactly where Alberta plans to fall on the spectrum isn’t yet clear.

Canada Is A Gambling Hunting Ground

Ultimately, the move on the part of the province seems to be one of looking out for the best interests of its citizens. Canada is considered by foreign operators to be a grey market, as online gambling on foreign websites isn’t outright outlawed.  Federal law doesn’t prohibit offering gambling services in Canada, and so many unlicensed and/or rogue operators flock to the Canadian digital playing fields. The provinces are, for the most part, completely incapacitated at being able to protect their inhabitants from falling prey to these rogue operators.

Efforts by Quebec for the enforcement of a law that allows for local ISP’s to block the internet addresses of foreign gambling sites have been declared unconstitutional by the Quebec Superior Court.

Proper regulation, as always, is the most logical way out of the stifling net of the unlicensed market.

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