Alberta Gaming Raffle Tickets Now Online

By Ben Hamill - July 15 2020

Alberta Gaming Raffle Tickets Now Online

Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis (AGLC) has, in an attempt to modernise its approach to doing business, announced that its 50/50 raffle tickets will in future be available to buy online. The raffle tickets will be available digitally to all Alberta residents living in the province.

The Crown corporation says it aims to make more means available for the purpose of acquiring its products. This, said the corporation, will hopefully lead to more revenue being generated by raffle ticket sales, which will in turn make available more money to be given in support of charities and organisations of goodwill located across the province.

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Supporting A Worthy Cause

Online raffle tickets will be available to all persons of majority living in all four corners of the province, said the president and chief executive of the AGLC, namely Alain Maisonneuve. But what buying the tickets also constitutes, said Maisonneuve, and perhaps the biggest reason people support the raffle, is supporting those in need by supporting those causes that are important to those who participate in the competitions.

What’s more, now that this support can be shown from the comfort and effortlessness of a laptop or even a smart phone, good-natured Albertans will find it even more hassle-free an endeavour to engage with those causes nearest to their hearts.

Albertans are firm supporters of charitable causes such as those supported and financially aided by organisations such as the AGLC. During the year 2018-2019 alone, more than CA$170 million in charity funding was raised from the sale of raffle tickets made available by the organisation. The money raised has made a huge impact on those who rely on charitable aid for their day-to-day living requirements.

Lower RNG Limit To Apply

The AGLC also announced that certain changes would in future by implemented and applied to the way in which Random Number Generators (RNGs) are applied to 50/50 raffle ticket sales. It used to be that only those draws exceeding a total ticket sales value of CA$1 million were made subject to the application of RNGs. Going forward however, all raffle ticket sales of which the draw amount exceeds $100,000 will be subject to the use of an RNG.

The threshold was lowered to the extent that it now has after due consultation with all relevant stakeholders, the AGLC has confirmed. RNGs are electronic random selectors used for the purpose of drawing a lucky number or set of lucky numbers. They are typically used by online Lottery systems and are considered random and fair.

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