Canadian Online Gaming To Benefit From 5G Tech

By Ben Hamill - December 22 2020

Canadian Online Gaming To Benefit From 5G Tech

The advent of 5G technology has sparked its fair share of conspiracy theories – even amongst famously level-headed Canadians. Activists buying into false 5G news doing the rounds on social media have even gone as far as setting fire to telecommunication systems all over the developed world, including two cellphone towers recently set alight in Sainte-Adele in Quebec. But despite the health and other concerns voiced about 5G, the reality of the matter is that the technology is shaping up to be a big deal for many data-driven businesses – including Canadian online casinos.

Since 5G marks a major upgrade in terms of the rate at which the streaming of data can occur, the technology is expected to mean a massive boost to the online and mobile gaming experience. Also, the technology essentially solves two of online gaming’s biggest challenges – data transmission speed and cyber-security.

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A Huge Win For Live Dealer Games

The issue of speed is especially prominent within the context of the rapid rise of Live Dealer games such as those developed by live casino specialist studio Evolution.

In order for Live Dealer games to continue the levels of success recently seen, online casino operators will have to keep implementing all the latest advances in technology pretty much the moment they become available. Having one group of players gain access to data even as little as a fraction of a section later than another could potentially create a Live Dealer upset of gigantic proportions.

A player delayed by however long because of differences in streaming rates may very well get the impression that something untoward is going on behind the live casino-scenes. It really doesn’t take much more than joining in on the action of only one or two Live Dealer games to realise exactly how paranoid online users already are about issues of authenticity and cheating.

5G Already Live In Canada

Though much remains to be done in order for 5G technology to become the new “networking and internet normal”, a number of Canadian telecommunications providers already provide 5G services to certain markets. An example of such a telecoms provider is Rogers, Bell, and Telus. The company has already started to engage 5G technology in its offerings to cellphone networks and carriers – with Samsung and Motorola confirmed two of the first manufacturers to benefit from the headway made by the provider.

Canadian mobile carriers and service providers expected to become 5G-enabled over the next two years include Fido, Virgin Mobile, SaskTel, Freedom Mobile, Koondo Mobile, and Videotron.

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