Yggdrasil Strikes Major Deal With Betway

By Ben Hamill - September 07 2021

Yggdrasil Strikes Major Deal With Betway

Yggdrasil is already respected as one of the best iGaming developers in the world, having released a wide variety of excellent games. But now, having struck a deal with globally recognised operator Betway, the studio’s content will be reaching a wider audience than ever before. In particular Yggdrasil’s games will now be finding their way to the hugely lucrative regulated markets in Europe and the America’s that Betway has already secured a strong presence in.

Though, it isn’t just Yggdrasil’s own creations that will be included in the deal. A spokesperson for the company clarified that all content created via the brand’s Masters program will also be heading over to Betway. The Master’s program is, of course, the initiative run by the developer that allows third party studios to get involved, using provided software tools to create their own games.

Either way, it is a great arrangement for both corporations involved, with the operator now able to provide significantly more quality content to players.

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Extremely Excited

Marketing and operations director for Betway, Paul Adkins, shared a few thoughts. He first declared that he was extremely excited to be adding the Yggdrasil’s content to his platform, saying that the studio was well known for producing exceptional products.

He then went on to explain that the partnership was only just beginning, and that the developer already had a long roadmap of future iGaming tools and features. All of the new innovations would also be included in the deal, Adkins clarified, meaning that the corporate relationship was certain to be a long one.

A Recognisable Brand

Director of commercial operations at Yggdrasil, Andrew Pegler, shared a few thoughts of his own. He confessed to being delighted to have managed to secure a deal with such a hugely recognisable brand, saying that it meant access to a number of valuable regulated markets.

He continued by pointing out that his company was going through an exciting period of expansion, meaning that numerous new markets were now being explored for the first time. Though, he added, as well as expansion the company was also focusing on cementing sustainable business strategies with key partners around the world.

There is no telling how far this latest corporate deal will go, but what is known for sure is that slots fans in regulated regions now have access to a wider selection of quality titles than ever before.