Woodbine Gives Social Media Reign To Charity

By Ben Hamill - July 23 2020

Woodbine Gives Social Media Reign To Charity

Woodbine Entertainment is a proud supporter of local charities, and in particular of those seeking to empower the black youth of Rexdale. And to show just how committed the racetrack is to those youth disadvantaged by their heritage and circumstances; Woodbine announced that charity partner Trust 15 would take over both of the popular horse racetrack’s social media accounts – Facebook as well as Twitter - for a full day.

Woodbine Entertainment has said that the initiative is a further push towards raising awareness regarding Trust 15’s day-to-day work done with young people – and especially black and disadvantaged young people – living in and around the community of Rexdale. Not only does Woodbine hope that the social media rally will raise awareness of the charity and the good work it’s currently doing in conjunction with the racetrack, but also that people will become educated and informed about the plight of the youth.

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Drawing On A Huge Presence

The idea was for Trust 15 to make full use of the opportunity of informing the world of its activities, its commitments, its financial needs, and what exactly community members and other interested parties are able to do to help. Since the information was shared on the social media pages of a prominent public entertainment company, the hope was that more people will tune in and learn about the battle the charity is fighting as it tries to eradicate social injustices among the youth, that what would have typically been the case had the organisation only continued to share the relevant info on its own online pages.

Not only are details provided about the various programs run by Trust 15, but there was also the opportunity to have a conversation about the current issues of the day. This will hopefully create even more awareness about what it is that’s currently being done and what still needs to be done in future.

Lawson Says About Youth

Woodbine CEO Jim Lawson has expressed his own excitement about the special day, saying that the hope was that members of the public would see what Woodbine Entertainment is doing in support of Trust 15 and the youth of Rexdale, and that this will motivate more people to become involved in the good work.

The youth of Rexdale are in safe hands, said Lawson. They’re in the hands of Woodbine Entertainment and Trust 15, after all. And it’s a cause worth supporting all the way.

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