Woodbine Brings Back Friday Twilight Racing

By Ben Hamill - June 28 2019

Woodbine Brings Back Friday Twilight Racing

If you’re one of the many Thoroughbred horse racing enthusiasts to have taken to public online forums and even letters to the editor to bemoan the fact that Woodbine did away with Friday Twilight Racing, then its time to take heart, gird your loin, tighten your bootstraps and head on down to Toronto’s favourite racetrack, because Woodbine is bringing it all back again.

2017 saw the last of Friday Twilight Racing take place. This was mainly due to the construction being done at the racetrack, as well as to its on-site casino and entertainment venues. The end-goal has always been to enable the track to accommodate more customers and despite the small annoyance brought about by the presence of on-site construction, that dream is finally becoming a reality for Woodbine Racetrack.

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A Room With A View

The Friday-night racing extravaganza will be made all the more enjoyable by the recently revealed new Trackside Clubhouse. It spans over 6,000 feet and neighbours the existing and firm favourite E.P. Taylor Turf Course. It features a supreme patio from where an eagle’s view of the live races is to be had.

It not only offers excellent views of all of the horseracing action, both on the turf as well as on a projection of the turf being displayed on a massive screen, but also of the famous Toronto skyline, which is really a representation of the artful mastery of architecture.

Improving The Experience

The main reason behind management’s decision to move the post times for Friday races beyond 4.05 is the on going construction work at the casino. This has been the making of a lot of upset for those trying to enjoy the Thoroughbred experience. According to the development schedule currently in place on the casino’s end of things, construction work at the venue will no longer pass the daily 4 p.m. mark.

The new down-tool curfew will enable visitors to once again enjoy the experience of being trackside at a live Thoroughbred race. Whilst the construction may be a severe annoyance at present, the ultimate goal is that the venue will be all that more enjoyable when the project is done.

Woodbine offers much in the way of entertainment. At the casino, players are able to indulge in all of their favourite games, including Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and Baccarat. The live racing events complement the casino perfectly, as visitors either go merely for the Thoroughbred experience, or they go to place actual bets on the horses.

Whatever your own particular preference, Woodbine Racetrack has something for you too.

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