Vegas “Service Fees” Causing Quite The Stir

By Ben Hamill - September 12 2019

Vegas “Service Fees” Causing Quite The Stir

Some would say that Vegas isn’t what it used to be. Whilst many may instead of hinting at money matters, actually be referring to some of the old legends having closed down in recent times, others have started to notice that a visit to gambling heaven is much heavier on the pocket than what it used to be. And it doesn’t have all too much to do with the win/loss ratio at the Roulette table.

Vegas casinos have long ago stopped offering free parking to patrons. Five or ten years ago, parking for free was a given. Nowadays, this is no longer the case. Venue fees are being worked into bills across the board, whether paying for parking or ordering a couple of drinks. Ordering two drinks priced at $38 for the actual drinks will in all likelihood attract service charges that could see the bill hiked to a new total of $43.04, as was discovered by a guest who recently ordered drinks from Park MGM’s Mama Rabbit Mezcal and Tequila Bar. The additional $5.04, explained management, consisted of standard sales tax as well as an additional $1.90 service charge.

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Everything Costs Money, Says MGM

MGM, in its response addressed to the unhappy recipient of the hiked bill, has said that the additional fees now being added to bills are “being applied to every check in the venue”. It used to fee that special service fees were applied to sit-down tables in restaurants only, but it seems to be the case that drinks too; along with everything else; attract service charges.

The service fees, explained the operator, are charged in the interest in keeping everything up and running, including WI-FI, bar-top games and lounge services.

Twitter: Casinos Are Greedy

Resort fees too, are receiving the royal treatment. At MGM, resort fees are now levied at $37 a day. This contribution is utilised for services like in-room WI-FI, free workout facilities to guests 18 years and older, the privilege afforded to guests to make unlimited local and toll-free calls, and various other miscellaneous services like the printing out of electronic copies of airline tickets and boarding passes.

MGM is no exception in the fees department. Most operators on The Strip are doing the same. But in spite of the explanations offered up by operators MGM, Wynn and Encore, folks aren’t at all happy about having to fork out various charges in addition to paying to play and drink and stay. One particular Twitter user described the tendency to charge all sorts of fees as “greedy and stupid” and “killing the golden goose”.

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