Las Vegas’ Gambling Focus Back on Track

By Ben Hamill - July 07 2020

Las Vegas’ Gambling Focus Back on Track

Sin City has long been recognised as the world’s gambling capital. But this is not to say that for a considerable amount of time Las Vegas didn’t focus on family-friendly offerings instead. Even so, a recent study conducted by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) clearly indicates a solid shift back in the direction of gambling- as opposed to non-gambling attractions.

The study’s Visitor Profile Report for 2019 clearly shows visitors’ interest in Vegas having graduated from child-friendly offerings back to adult-only entertainment. Of those who had participated in the survey, four out of five indicated having gambled at some point during a visit to Vegas in that year. This, according to the LVCVA, resembles the highest rate of gambling in the last half a decade.

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More Time & Money To Gamble

Interesting too is that the average time people reported having spent gambling had spiked from 1.2 hours to 2.7 hours. This will obviously have meant an increased average budget when it came to the amount of money set aside for spending on gambling. In fact, spending in Las Vegas had witnessed an increase overall.

Fewer visitors were coming to Vegas with children than during previous years, the study also showed. Sin City seems to be putting the sin back in adult pursuits instead of focusing on elaborately themed entertainment. And it’s a shift that started to take place at around the time former Treasure Island owners MGM Mirage rebranded the venue to simply “TI”, so as to reflect a more “adult” focus.

And it’s a trend being reflected by the new Circa Resort and Casino, which is scheduled to open in downtown Vegas later on this year. Circa has said it will not be admitting any people not at least 21 years of age.

A Welcome Shift

The Visitor Profile is each year conducted in collaboration with San Francisco-based specialist research firm GLS Research. The latter each month randomly selects 300 Las Vegas visitors for the purpose of participating in the poll, making 3,600 in total over a 12-month period.

That the heart of Vegas appears to be returning to its first love certainly bodes well for the local economy. The only remaining challenge right now is successfully navigating through the current global health storm. Casinos have been hard hit by the crisis and even though Vegas was given the green light to reopen its doors on June 4, operators continue to tread water because of travel restrictions and dwindling tourist numbers.

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