Las Vegas Casinos Look Into Protective Screens

By Ben Hamill - May 05 2020

Las Vegas Casinos Look Into Protective Screens

When the going gets tough, the tough get down to formulating a new normal. Las Vegas casinos may not yet know the when of a possible post-ghost-town reopening, but they’ll be damned if they’re going to be caught without a how. Since consumer safety is of paramount importance right now, Vegas is testing out various new strategies aimed at getting folks to adhere to the safety and distancing guidelines once the industry eventually receives the reopening green light from government.

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Las Vegas-based enterprise Screaming Images is experimenting with the installation and use of what will basically become safety shields in a world where close human proximity is no longer an available luxury. Protective safety shields would in effect create protective barriers between gaming tables and slot machine seats, ensuring that those present in a casino at any given time are protected from possible cross-contamination.

This Too Shall Pass

Perhaps best of all, says Screaming Images principal James Swanson, is that the acrylic materials used to manufacture the separating screens are 100% recyclable. And since the world will hopefully sooner rather than later no longer have to resort to creative and at times even desperate measures to keep people from getting too close for comfort, it’s important to ensure that protective gear such as acrylic safety screens aren’t merely dumped in trash cans and eventually landfills.

Initial experiments involving the acrylic screens are proving promising. The initial prototype is currently being put to the test at downtown Vegas’ El Cortez Casino. Shields have been installed around the casino’s blackjack tables as well as at strategic spots on the larger gaming floor. And even though El Cortez is currently still in the process of figuring out the details regarding a possible reopening, etc., the use of Screaming Image’s protectors is according to casino GM Adam Wiesberg a strong future likelihood.

Re-Opening Date Not Yet Clear

It is at this point in time not even possible to begin risking a wager on a possible reopening date for Nevada’s casinos. Even though the state’s infection numbers appear to have reached a plateau, Governor Steve Sisolak has announced an extension to his stay-at-home order for the purpose of analysing a safe and proper re-opening plan.

Sisolak has not yet provided any further details regarding a possible timeline. The governor however earlier this week said on social media that he will provide more details around his re-opening plans by at least this coming Thursday.

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