Vegas Strip Operators Boosting Society

By Ben Hamill - January 09 2020

Las Vegas

Las Vegas today isn’t the same Las Vegas of the 1950s. In fact, it’s a much more mindful and responsible Strip shining brightly against the night sky than what was the case some 50 or 60 years ago and according to Nevada’s largest employer’s chief-in-charge, MGM’s Jim Murren, many of the positive changes are the direct result of gaming operators doing business on the Strip having grown to be a great deal more responsible in terms of their commitment towards “their impact on society”.

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Said Murren during a commentary and interview published by Fortune, despite the fact that folks still think of and refer to Vegas as being “Sin City”, casino operators on the Strip are in fact “pioneering corporate cultures that embrace a commitment towards society”. Murren also added that the commitment shown towards customers by operators in actual fact proffers beyond the general serving of customers and boosting balance sheets.

People Over Profits

Murren also referred to Vegas’ notorious reputation as being a big business solely driven by excess and “non-stop entertainment”, and said that this has changed to the point of it no longer being true at all, which is indeed a very positive change in terms of looking in on the local gaming industry from the outside.

Murren’s reference to operators present on the Strip now valuing people over profits certainly carries a great deal of weight when considering the number of people employed on a long-term basis by operators like MGM, Caesars, Wynn Resorts and Las Vegas Sands. Murren then went on to declare rather boldly that the new focus on “social impact and sustainability is transforming Las Vegas into a fascinating paradox”. This in further reference to the region’s long-time reputation of having been a place where frivolity and over-spend has reigned.

Murren’s Comments Are Informed

Murren has been at the helm of MGM Resorts since shortly after he first joined the MGM group back in 1998. Before that, he spent more than 10 years working as a Wall Street analyst in the fields of hotels and gaming entertainment. He is well acquainted with all aspects of the industry and is as such completely aware of the various inner-circle movements of those operators doing business in Las Vegas and in particular on the famous Strip itself.

Vegas’ growing commitment towards positive societal change certainly is a commendable boon and example worth emulating for the entire global gaming industry in its totality.

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