Cullen Commission Hear Vancouver Testimony

By Ben Hamill - March 04 2021

Cullen Commission Hear Vancouver Testimony

More shocking details emerged before the Cullen Commission of Inquiry into Money Laundering in B.C. this week. The commission recently heard how Vancouver had become a central checkpoint in the underground Chinese banking system, with money generated by international drug trafficking and loan sharking being moved between the Canadian province, Asia, and Latin America on a non-stop basis.

The commission also heard new evidence about the involvement of B.C. government casinos, Las Vegas gaming venues, and Macau casinos in the movement of the illegal and laundered money train. And also, about new in-depth details about the RCMP’s controversial E-Pirate Investigation into suspected money-laundering dealings involving Paul King Jin and the highly controversial Richmond currency exchange provider, Silver International.

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Jin And Silver Recurring Themes

The commission also recently delved into testimony delivered by RCMP Cpl. Melvin Chizawsky, who confirmed that all criminal charges brought against Jin and Silver International were officially stayed in November 2018. But despite the staying of the initial charges, Chizawsky said a related police investigation called “E-Nationalise”, as well as local government civil forfeitures, have however continued. Also ongoing are investigations into Jin’s illegal casino gambling network, as well as probes into the Vancouver Model.

According to allegations made by the RCMP’s E-Pirate probe, Silver International had been operating mainly as a drug trafficking stop making use of the laundering of dirty drug dealing cash via casinos across British Columbia, LatAm, and China. Jin and Silver International would allegedly enable Chinese nationals to deposit funds to underground Chinese bank accounts – which funds would then be converted to Canadian currency before being used to gambling locally in British Columbia. This information had been contained in an affidavit deposed to and filed with the Cullen Commission by Chizawsky.

Cash Pools Funding River Rock

Chizawsky’s affidavit and testimony furthermore revealed how cellphone data had unearthed that Silver and Jin had had access to massive so-called “cash pools” in several other locations across the world other than China, including Bogota (Colombia), and Mexico City.

The RCMP Cpl. revealed details about how as many as 300 investigators had been working on E-Pirate at the height of the money laundering probe. According to information gleaned from video footage and other records seized from Silver International back in 2015, the organisation had that year alone accepted more than $220 million in money-laundered cash, and paid out roughly $217 from several of its locations across the world.

When arrested in February 2016, testified Chizawsky, Jin admitted to having had access to gambling credit at several big Las Vegas and Macau casinos, money he said he used to lend to his own customers for gambling at Vancouver’s Edgewater Casino and Richmond’s River Rock Casino.

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