Usher In Confusing Spat Over Fake Tips

By Ben Hamill - April 15 2021

Usher In Confusing Spat Over Fake Tips

Pop star Usher recently landed himself in the twang with the ladies when a stunt intended to promote his upcoming residency at a Las Vegas casino ended in mayhem, insult, and general confusion.

The singer ended up being accused of using fake money for tipping topless dancers at the Sapphire Las Vegas Gentlemen’s Club after a brand representative left behind phony dollar bills as part of the Usher’s promo. Even though Sapphire Director of Marketing, George Wilson, insisted that the bills were left behind in anticipation of the singer’s residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, nothing could stop the controversy from picking up speed on social media sites early this week.

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Ushbucks No Way To Tip

The story spread like wildfire across social media and national celebrity websites, and ended up trending on Twitter in the worst possible way late on Wednesday afternoon.

As for the phony dollars, or so-called Ushbucks, the currency can apparently be identified as promo-jam from the seal on the front that reads, Colosseum Caesars Palace Las Vegas, along with the words, The Las Vegas Residency. Also printed on the fake moolah is the start date for the star’s Vegas residency, July 16, 2021.

Despite Usher and his mates having thrown about thousands of real dollars for tips for the entertainers on the evening, as confirmed and even stressed by Wilson, social media clearly wanted to hear nothing of it in the artist’s defense.

According to Sapphire owner Peter Feinstein, the singer now plans a second visit to the club to, in the words of Feinstein, make things right.

Sapphire A Celebrity Favourite

A host of celebrity guests have in the past been spotted at the Sapphire topless club, which is situated on Sammy West Drive, just west of the new big thing in town, Resorts World Las Vegas.

Celebs who have frequented the popular joint in the past include Katy Perry, 50 Cent, and Avril Lavigne. The venue boasts that it is the world’s largest gentlemen’s club, featuring over 400 dancers and entertainers every night of the week.

As for Usher, his fake currency has apparently been strategically dropped at several other Sin City sites, including the Arts District’s Esther’s Kitchen. This didn’t appear dampen the spirits of the singer’s social media critics, though, who have continued to express their disappointment and disgust at the gull of the artist and his team with their fake-money tipping antics.

Usher has yet to comment on the regrettable incident.

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