Oklahoma Player Refused Winnings By Casino

By Ben Hamill - February 27 2020

Oklahoma Player Refused Winnings By Casino

Most of us have dreamt about winning big on the slots and finally being able to do all the things we would otherwise never have been able to do. A gambler from Oklahoma now claims that exactly that had happened to her at the local Newcastle Casino, but that she has not yet been paid her winnings due to management having claimed a malfunction error on one of the machines on their floor.

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Oklahoma resident Maribel Sanchez had supposedly won a fine $8.5 million playing slots at the Newcastle Casino. However, the minute she saw that she had won and proceeded to inform casino staff of the fact, the Liberty 7s slot that she had been playing on shut down, which in turn caused the machine’s display to go black.

The Photo Shows It All

Second time lucky for Sanchez, she did manage to snap a photo of the win amount displayed on the screen before the machine experienced its sudden black-out. The image clearly shows that a total of $8,469,498.95 had been won by Sanchez on the Liberty 7s slot.

Sanchez has however to date not seen a dollar of her winnings, with casino management now claiming that what had caused the win had been a technical malfunction on the game. Sanchez, who had wagered a $1.25 bet prior to her having won the jackpot, has since management’s refusal to pay her winnings to her, contacted the FOX25 news station. Upon enquiries directed by the station at casino management, members of staff were only willing to say that the process was being worked on together with Sanchez and that the win-claim was currently still under review and in line with the venue’s “protocols”.

Malfunction An Easy Cop-Out

The aggrieved player has furthermore approached attorney Bill Zuhdi for assistance with claiming money she believes to be rightfully hers. Zuhdi too is of the belief that Sanchez should be paid what she had won according to the amount that was displayed on the screen on the evening in question. He furthermore confirmed that a process involving investigating all of the player’s legal options would now follow and that her rights would be “aggressively” pursued.

Sanchez’s daughter Linda described the entire incident as pointless and said that it was absolutely crazy that a casino operator would even consider relying on an excuse as terrible as a malfunction in an attempt to avoid having to paying a player what was rightfully theirs.

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