Trustly’s Pay n Play May Be The Future of Gaming

By Ben Hamill - December 07 2019

Trustly’s Pay n Play concept may be described as somewhat of a two-edged sword, despite its immense popularity among players in regions like Denmark and Norway; Germany even. The system basically allows a player to simply make payment and play at any online casino supporting the product without first having gone through the motions of registration and identity verification. I.e. its completely instant, making use of the player’s actual bank account details in order to verify certain necessary age and location details.

Identity verification poses more challenges to operators than what one would naturally assume to be the case. A staggering number of people each year attempt to create a player profile but then stop short of actually getting around to playing because of the perception of the KYC verification process as being tedious and time-consuming. The result ultimately comes down to operators losing out on potential new business.

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There’s Much To Keep In Mind

But the fact that Pay n Play negates all of that by allowing instant access to online games isn’t the only consideration for operators. On the positive end of the spectrum, there’s the assurance of business. But a particular challenge running right alongside what appears to be the perfect solution is the fact that operators; despite having an actual playing paying customer at their disposal; now have absolutely no contact details on file for the player making use of Pay n Play.

This makes it impossible to inform players of bonuses and special promotions because there’s neither email address nor contact number to fall back on. Of course, there are ways around this; its only that it requires more effort on the part of the operator in terms of a creative approach to advertising. A customer making use of the system may for instance be coaxed at a later date to provide their contact details in return for rewards.

Fine Tune Required

Another possible solution to the problem of having no way to contact the player is by actually keeping a record of the player’s online banking details. The system will then impersonate the player by requesting an online banking login, obtain contact details from the online banking account in question, and automatically log back out again.

But it’s really easy to see why this approach simply won’t fly with regulators in markets like the UK and Spain. And so its clear that in order for Pay n Play to ever become a global go-to system, it will have to first be fine-tuned somewhat.

Which really isn’t too much to ask given the benefits.

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