Top 5 Twitch Online Casino Streamers In May 2021

By Ben Hamill - May 21 2021

Top 5 Twitch Online Casino Streamers In May 2021

Gone are the days when making a living from more than just winnings off your favourite online casino games was but a dream. Today, that dream is a real-life reality for a select group of top popular Twitch online casino streamers.

Worth noting is that Twitch’s online casino games streaming cream of the crop didn’t make it to where they are today by accident or because of a lucky break – each and every one of them have worked hard to achieve what they now have, and for living the ultimate online gaming dream.

Take a look at our 5-minute read that introduces you to May 2021’s top Twitch online casinos streamers.

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Currently topping the numbers-list at a whopping 841,000 subscribers on the popular streaming platform, m0E_tv tops the list in terms of the sheer number of viewers who regularly tune in to watch him play.

He’s also exceptionally popular on YouTube, where he has a following of 583,000, making of him an even more trending personality than famous gambler ROSHTEIN.


Bidule is by far the most popular online casino games streamer in France right now. While Bidule’s channel focuses mostly on online casino slots, he’s most definitely the full gambling Monty.

Bidule currently enjoys the patronage of around 100,000 subscribers. His fan-base is a loyal and active one, with more than 40k viewers tuning in to watch him play at any given time.


CasinoDaddy is an entire group of colourful characters hitting it up on casino games on Twitch. Currently enjoying the support of a follower-base some 150,000 subscribers large, they’re quickly beginning to make their way up the popularity ladder.

Making them even more of a smash hit is that they stream online casino games for several hours at a time each and every day, meaning a constant stream of fresh new content.


Number 4 on our list of top Twitch online casino streamers is ClassyBeef.

Streaming live on Twitch from Malta, while relatively new, ClassyBeef already have very near 120,000 subscribers following them on the popular platform. They’re a high-energy group and their passion for online casino entertainment clearly shows, which is exactly why they’re becoming increasingly more popular and known.


ROSHTEIN is the final addition to our list, and the undisputed king of online casino streaming on Twitch.

Although he started streaming online casino games already back in 2014, he’s still going strong. He’s clearly still very passionate about his games as well as his followers and fans.

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