First-Phase Launch for Taza Exchange

By Ben Hamill - November 17 2019

The CA$4.5 billion Taza Experience, situated in the Grey Eagle Resort & Casino area, has started preparations for an official first-phase launch, named the Taza Exchange. Initial projections stated that it would be completed by the middle of next year, giving the go-ahead for retail offerings. Plans have let it be known that a 150 000 sq. ft. Costco store will soon be welcoming its first customers inside the new development, which will end up covering 45+ acres.

There is conjecture that the expansion of this casino resort will be able to welcome even more players. For the foreseeable future, the southwest part of Calgary will have all eyes trained on it, as the area will be seeing massive developments going forward. What sets this spread apart, however, is that the developers hail from the Tsuut’ina Nation, a First Nation Band Government for Alberta, Canada that already oversees the popular Grey Eagle Resort & Casino.

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A Diverse Array of Offerings

The development of the Taza Exchange will include several different offerings from within the property. These will range from retail locations to businesses focussed more on hospitality and entertainment, giving a much-needed balance to the project. It has been deemed vital that the palette of products being made available is able to attract an assortment of people of different ages and interests.

More than 250 00 sq. ft. will be made available ahead of the official Taza launch, and it’s projected that clothing stores, entertainment, and fast-food franchises will eventually start operations. In an effort to attract a wider range of retailers, the Taza project will be offering lower taxes, making investment a more attractive option for businesses.

Taza Park to Offer Even More

The Taza Park section of the Taza Experience, which encompasses the Exchange and the Crossing, will see the Tsuut’ina Nation building onto the hugely popular Grey Eagle Resort & Casino. The upcoming special area promised to provide incredible experiences in the open air like major concerts, interesting festivals, and a space for markets to eventually be held.

The location is mere minutes from downtown Calgary, allowing visitors to spend time at the Rocky Mountains without having to forego luxury, comfort, or first-rate amenities. There is already an Event Centre at the resort and casino, which can seat as many as 2 400 people, and the accompanying complimentary Wi-Fi, deluxe hot breakfast, digital equipment at the cutting-edge gym, indoor pool, and outdoor hot tub has already proved to be a mighty popular tourist destination.

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