Synergy Blue Brings Skills Games To Vegas

By Ben Hamill - August 25 2019

Synergy Blue Brings Skills Games To Vegas

There are few things in life quite as exhilarating as a good old lucky strike. The big win that comes your way when you least expect it to. And that’s part of the thrill really, luck. But it’s also true that some players do enjoy not leaving everything up to fate. To these players, controlling the outcome of a game, at least to some extent, is what really tickles their bones. And this is where companies like Synergy Blue, a developer of games based on a combination of luck and skill, have a leading role to play. And in order to better develop its own understanding of luck-based games, the company has just re-located to the casino capital of the world.

CEO Georg Washington explains that whilst the Synergy Blue team are hold hands at developing typical video game-style games, they have much to learn from the casino operational teams of Las Vegas. These guys are the masters of their own house and the people who really know what players want and how they behave.

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The Why Behind The Vegas Move

But the decision to move Synergy Blue’s headquarters to Las Vegas is about more than just a learning curve, explained Washington during a recent interview. In addition to the company having largely outgrown its hometown of Palm Beach California, Synergy Blue also hopes to in this way show its commitment towards establishing mutually beneficial relationships with local casino operators.

The decision to pack up and move to Las Vegas was made mere months after the developer received a licence to build and distribute games from the Nevada Gaming Commission and as such its quite obviously a very exciting time for Synergy Blue.

The Best Of Both Worlds

The company develops and builds what is known as HAWG platforms, which is short for Hybrid Arcade Wager-based Gaming. As suggested by the description, HAWG platforms combine arcade-style video games with typical gambling-style slot games, a notion that appeals especially to millennials. And in many ways, also to just about anyone who grew up with arcade-style games.

So instead of just banging away, HAWG platforms make provision for all sorts of alternative elements of play such as guns and joysticks and track balls. It’s basically the best of the world of arcade-style video games meets the best of the world of casino slots.

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