Sudbury Casino Finds Possible Interim Home

By Ben Hamill - May 03 2019

Chateau Guay Motel May Be Temp Home For Casino

The grand opening of a Gateway casino planned for the region of Greater Sudbury may experience a long delay following the announcement that an administrative oversight with regards to an expiring lease may be the making of a major twist in the proposed plot. The venue governed by the lease in question will only be available up to and including April 2020, after which the Gateway Casinos and Entertainment-owned venue would have no home from which to do its business.

But an unexpected benefactor may have the answer to the group’s admin problems. Dario Zulich, one of Sudbury’s local developers, has said that there’s no reason why the people of Greater Sudbury should miss out on any revenue income because of a misunderstanding, and has offered to purchase the Chateau Guay Motel and turn it into a temporary home for the casino until such time as the construction of its more permanent home has been completed.

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A No-Halt Solution

The solution may be of a temporary nature but it certainly would prevent a situation of the current Gateway casino having to halt operations. The Chateau Guay Motel has a long and rich history and heritage in the Greater Sudbury community and would make the perfect temporary home for the slots entertainment destination.

Gateway has not yet commented on the proposal made by Zulich, but the general expectation is that the group will in all likelihood consider his offer, seeing that revenue generated by the temporary arrangement will hasten the construction of the permanent venue for the new Kingsway Entertainment District’s construction.

The Alternative: Delayed Returns

The city’s investment in the 35-acre lot of land where the new venue will be erected will have been money well spent once the entertainment destination is up and running. As it stands at the moment, the existing slots venue generates revenue to the tune of CAD$2.3 million annually in favour of the community of Greater Sudbury.

A long-term closure, even if only temporary, will hold significant consequences for the city and for the community. Jobs, people’s livelihood, community income; these are all factors to be considered carefully before dismissing the suggestion and offer made by the developer.

The city has already made a huge investment in the new development and has supposedly had to fork out CAD$10 million for the lot of land where the new Kingsway venue will be erected.

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