Six Nations Paid $4.5m under Casino Deal

By Ben Hamill - January 05 2019

Six Nations Paid $4.5m under Casino Deal

Thanks to a previous agreement, Elements Brantford Casino has been supporting its local economy and the nearby Six Nations community with hefty financial payments. The first of these, coming to an impressive $4.5 million, was recently paid over by the gambling establishment to the tribal council in question.

For the first time ever, the Six Nations Elected Council enjoyed a multimillion dollar payment. The cash is intended to facilitate the upcoming development of the First Nation and any of its future projects.

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Annual Payments Set for 20 Years

Exactly one year ago, the Six Nations’ government signed an exclusive agreement with Elements Brantford and the Canadian province of Ontario, which spans the next 20 years of the gaming venue’s operations. The deal mandates that each year, payments of around $4.5 million should be paid to the First Nation, eventually reaching a total of $100 million at the end of the aforementioned period.

Additionally, over and above these annual payments, the provincial negotiations also gave rise to a few other conditions. One of them stipulates that Ontario must pay the Six Nations a total of $12.5 million as a once-off payment as well.

The payment in question was used for the Niagara Reinforcement Line. It has recently been confirmed that the first annual installment has been handed over, with the mandatory sum being added to the tribe’s fund pool. Councillor Carl Hill was the government official interested to know when the payment would take place, as its expected time frame was pegged at around the end of December 2018.

Funds to Support Various Projects

During a private Six Nations Elected Council meeting, SAO Dayle Bomberry informed all present that the payment had already been made. The next step after the reception of the money is for council departments to develop ways in which the cash could be portioned out and used for the projects currently in the tribe’s pipelines. Thanks to the operation of Elements Brantford, the First Nation will be able to address many funding gaps in various different sectors.

The projects set to acquire financial attention include emergency services, youth services, and housing opportunity improvements. The deal was reached shortly after the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation revealed that it would be operated by a new casino development company – the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation – along with Clairvest Incorporated. The management contract covers the next 20 years of on-site operation.

However, it should be noted that the Six Nations were not included in the negotiations leading up to the agreement for annual payments. The payments take place because the venue is located on the Nation’s tribal land, and therefore can act as a valuable source of funds to the local tribal community.

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