SG Corp Reveals Contactless Gaming Solution

By Ben Hamill - May 31 2020

SG Corp Reveals Contactless Gaming Solution

Scientific Games, forever at the very forefront of innovation in technology, is officially rolling out a portfolio of 100% contactless gaming and casino solutions. These, declared the solutions provider, are as a whole designed to assist operators with the challenging task of keeping players and employees safe, without compromising on a fun and enjoyable gaming and entertainment atmosphere.

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SG says what it essentially wants to see happen as a result of its endeavours, is establishments offering to their guests a state of reimagined play. Again, SG impresses by showing its awareness of the importance of the gaming experience.

SG Wants To Facilitate Safety

Scientific Games will in essence assume the role of facilitator as it looks for rapid-launch contactless solutions that can be instantly rolled out, property implemented and act in support of stepped-up sanitation and hygiene protocols. This specific approach will be applied in support of physical safety and distancing regulations and jurisdictional rules.

The solutions on the table by way of a proposal include a unified wallet cashless gaming experience, the automated sanitation and disinfection of games and a unique and effective physical distance-enhancing module of operations.

The company at the time of having revealed some of the details around the proposal, emphasised yet again its long-time and ongoing commitment towards true industry innovation. It said that this ongoing commitment aside, a time warranting a more critical approach, and certainly one more intensive and necessary than ever before, has officially come knocking at the door. The aim, said SG, is to help its partners adapt to a completely new normal as the industry slowly makes its way back to where it once was in terms of performance and leading-employer status.

Mobile-First Approach

Scientific Games executive Vice President and CEO Matt Wilson proclaimed SG’s contactless gaming solutions portfolio to be a suite of solutions focused on enabling the corporation’s partners to offer to players a completely new, yet fun and completely engaging gaming experience – whilst all the while remaining 100% focus on keeping those same players safe and in present health. Wilson said that what SG is proposing in terms of advanced player-focused safe technology is due to set an all-new standard for the industry as a whole. SG solutions, confirmed Wilson, is now available to all partners.

Interesting to note too is that Scientific’s suite of solutions is based on a mobile-first approach and will enable players to instantly access the necessary funds to play slots and table games by making use not of cash or bank cards, but instead of an application running on their personal mobile smartphones.

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